Alabama Judges
Alabama, like each of the 49 other states and the District of Columbia, has a judicial-conduct system that is the primary means by which ethical standards for and other conduct of judges are regulated. These judicial-conduct systems were instituted to ensure the integrity, independence, and impartiality of judges and the judicial system by

  • enforcing standards of judicial conduct on and off the bench;
  • assisting the judiciary in maintaining the necessary balance between independence and accountability;
  • providing an accessible forum for citizens’ complaints against judges;
  • creating a greater public awareness of what constitutes proper and improper judicial conduct; and
  • protecting judges from false, unfounded, and inaccurate accusations.

Filing Complaints
Alabama Appellate Courts
Judicial Inquiry Commission
401 Adams Avenue
P.0. Box 303400
Montgomery, AL 36130-3400
Phone (334) 242-4089
Fax (334) 353-4043 
Consumer Complaints Against Mediators and Arbitrators For Ethical Violations

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