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Corrupt Judge Roger L. Lund

ventura county california Judge Roger L Lund

Judge Lund, Roger Lynn #177879

Admitted: November 1995
this judge is alleged to be involved and head an Elder Trafficking group (Preys on the elderly) which uses Conservatorships to isolate and liquidate seniors or anyone with money.
Robing Room reports further support cause for caution if your loved one is involved in any legal proceedings with this judge as well

Parties working with this Judge:
Fiduciary Angelique Friend (Married to below Lawyer Esquibias)
Lawyer David A. Esquibias)(Conflicts of interest which should be reported to the BAR)

Victims include :
Lester Moore
Patti Lacey
Mike Lavery
Duane Farrant

Admitted: November 1995

David A Esquibias works for his wife Angelique Friend of Probate Services. They prey on the elderly, petition for full conservatorship of person, and use the trustee’s funds to fight off trustee’s family. They isolate conservatee from family and charge to do things the family members were doing lovingly at no cost. Angelique and David Esquibias have a close relationship with Judge Roger Lund at the Probate Court in Ventura County CA. They go as far as accusing family members of elder abuse. Family members must spent tens of thousands of dollars on evidentiary hearings if they want to try to clear their names – but do not stand a chance in Judge Lund’s court. Probate
attorney’s in Ventura County are afraid to go up against Angelique Friend and David A Esquibia’s in Judge Lunds court. It is shocking how they use perjury in writing and in court to destroy families for financial gain.
Judge Roger Lund is now putting together a “Private Counsel Panel for Conservatees.” He is looking to hire attorneys to be paid from conservatorship estates. There is way too much conflict of interest in this sick trio of criminals.
See website: https://judgerogerlund.com/conservatee-private-counsel-panel/


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