Corrupt Judge Nicholas C. Murion

Judge Nickolas C. Murnion

16th Judicial District Court 406-346-6109

1200 Main St
PO Box 107
Forsyth, MT 59327

Nickolas Murnion is a judge on the 16th Judicial District Court in Montana. He was appointed by Democratic Governor Steve Bullock on February 24, 2016, following the retirement of Judge George W. Huss. Murnion was sworn in on March 17. He ran for election to his seat in 2016. As an incumbent running unopposed, Murnion faced a retention election on November 8, 2016. He won retention in the election.

Murnion was born in Jordan, Mont., and attended Garfield County High School. He received a bachelor’s degree in government from Montana State University and a J.D. from the University of Montana. His professional experience includes working as an attorney in private practice and as a part-time county attorney.
The Sixteenth Judicial District includes Carter, Custer, Fallon, Garfield, Powder River, Rosebud and Treasure Counties. The District Court Judge hears cases in each of the 7 counties throughout the district. There are two elected District Court Judges in the Sixteenth Judicial District. Judge Michael B. Hayworth is headquarter out of the Custer County courthouse and Judge Nickolas C. Murnion is headquarter out of the Rosebud County courthouse.

The type of case the Sixteenth Judicial District oversee are Adoption, Civil, Criminal, Dependent Neglect, Domestic Relations, Guardianship, Juvenile, Paternity, Probate, and Sanity Cases. The District Court also conducts Judge Trials and Jury Trials in both Civil and Criminal cases. The County Clerk of the District Court is the official keeper of all District Court records.

The District Court Judge is unable to discuss any ongoing case with anyone. Please contact his Judicial Assistant or the Clerk of the District Court with any questions.

Dishonorable Judge Nicolas Murion is also a district judge and runs drug court. False accusations from a hallucinating methhead caused felony PFMA and drug charges for me and drug charges for the accuser. The accuser had her charges dropped because an involved officer was found with child pornography, but mine remain, and now I have a 150k bond and warrant because I couldn’t afford to drive 885 miles but people that were 15 minutes away were allowed to appear by video. He’s also allowing CPS to continually violate my rights

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