Corrupt Judge Regina A. Mescall

corrupt cook county illinois judge regina a mescall

Mescall, Regina A.


Regina Ann Mescall Democratic a judge for 3rd Subcircuit Cook County Judicial Circuit Court Illinois. Mescall assumed office December 7, 2020. Mescall’s term ends December 7, 2026.

Mescall Democrat ran for election 3rd Subcircuit Cook County Judicial Circuit Court Judge Illinois. Mescall won a general election November 3, 2020.

Municipal Department
District 1

Daley Center
50 W. Washington St.
Chicago , Illinois 60602
(312) 603-4860

Mescall is an Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney, licensed in Illinois since 2007, according to ARDC.

According to her campaign bio, Mescall began her legal career in 2002, after graduation from John Marshall Law School, as an Assistant District Attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She joined the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in 2007.

Mescall is currently a first-chair trial assistant, assigned to the courtroom of Judge Vincent M. Gaughan. She is married to attorney Peter Kramer. She and her husband and four children reside in Christ the King Parish in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood.

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Email to atty Peter Kramer, husband of Cook County Judge Regina Mescall

Mr. Kramer,

I looked at the Mescall/Kramer loan history on the Cook County Grantor/Grantee index and I have some questions. I have attached the raw data to this email.
There has been mounting concern that home loans are being used to pay-off or bribe compliant public officials, most notably judges and prosecutors. Pursuant to that concern, I have some questions as to the loan history of the Mescall/Kramers.

First of all, I see that some early loans were paid back with astonishing rapidity. The 07 and 09 loans were paid back each within a year and a half. Given the income of the couple at that time, this seems quite unusual. Could you please explain this?

I also see where the loan taken out on the purchase of the current home, for $440,000, was paid back within 7 years, in 2021. However, subsequent loans were then taken out, one for $178,762 and the very next year, one for $383,000.

What are these loans for? Are you able to produce cancelled checks showing that either you or your wife paid these loans back?

To clarify some of my concerns about Judge Mescall, I must note that she is taking illegal action in at least one case. She sealed the Sallas condo case with no legal reason to do so and then proceeded to hold hearings in this case without notifying the defendant. What in the world is she doing?

I would appreciate hearing back from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you,

Janet Phelan


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