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Abusers are criminals who designed our legal system based on the creation of legal fees no justice



Janet Phelan is an example of a good, honest, law abiding citizen who was victimized
by an obviously corrupt Justice system where judges and lawyers are all about greed and profit.

Sticker Probate Rape What is Probate Rape and how who commits it and why


Take the example of Court Victim Robert Gettinger who in 2006 his mother had $200k embezzled from her estate by her own child Sylvia Schmidt with the help of unethical, immoral Glendale Ca lawyer Christopher Overgaard they perjured a fraudulent petition to forcing the victim Gertrude Gettinger into a locked Dementia home and over medicated her with hard core psychotropic medications rendering her from a normal senior to a mentally ill looking person. The goal was to stop the victim from being credible in reporting her abuse and crimes.

Gertrude’s son Robert discovers what happens is forced to hire a lawyer and begins to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to inform the court of their mistakes, problems and crimes by a lawyer and a the new Conservator Sylvia Schmidt. Robert files a petition with 100% undeniable factual evidence of fraud, embezzlement, elder abuse, perjury and filing fraudulent documents to the court. Sylvia funded now by the stolen estate fires the $250 hour dishonest Glendale lawyer Christopher Overgaard and hires $450 an hour connected X Pasadena President of the bar Philip Barbaro Jr. who conspires with Corrupt Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Candace J. Beason who ignores petitions, missing bank account numbers, evidence, witness statements, law, Conservatee rights and literally plays stupid.

At this time you realize you’re a “COURT VICTIM”. because no amount of evidence, fact, state or federal law, code, rule, DOJ, FBI, local Police, City Attorney, State Attorney, Commission of Judicial Performance, City Bar, State Bar or American Bar cares and ignores your reports.



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How the worst criminals get away with fooling the world?

These disgusting frauds of society which are really insects that lack empathy and morals know they can’t get away with their crimes and abuse if the world knows who they really are. So they create false images, fake fronts, illusions of protection and play that part but behind everyone’s back they’re the real criminals.

Let’s take $450 an hour connected X President of the Pasadena Bar Lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr. who has a history of attending and socializing with judges at their dinners. There are You tube videos available of Barbaro and Judge Beason dancing at one such dinner. See How to bribe a judge for the typical way judges hide receiving big amounts of money (bribes) for which they look the other way or act stupid.

Pasadena Lawyer and X Pasadena Bar President Philip Barbaro Jr. is a great poster child for the false image he puts on for media and the public “pretending to be a protector”. The fact is Philip Barbaro Jr. made a $190,000.00 off legal fees pretending to protect my mother’s estate and the conservator who in a petition we proved beyond a doubt was guilty of fraud, embezzlement and elder abuse. Anyone who reads the petition and views the voluminous amount of evidence can see this. When you witness the judge who was obviously biased and even had the nerve to state “she had not read the case and needed a copy” then after a lunch recess said “I did not see anything wrong”. Even my lawyer could not believe what he’d witnessed but no one wants to question the judge due to her authority. Plus the fact ANYTHING Philip Barbaro Jr. asks for is granted and everything my lawyer asks for is denied. The biased, unfair and sheer favoritism is obvious.

Pasadena Lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr. Helped a criminal who was named in a police report as the sole suspect in a burglary of Gertrude’s home before the conservatorship.
Sylvia Schmidt’s petition was filled with perjury and unproven facts with nothing but unfounded allegations and false facts.
$200,000.00 was missing and when we subpoenaed the records for those “closed” and missing bank accounts to find out where that money went. Barbaro had the subpoenas quashed and Judge Candace J. Beason who should have been on Gertrude Gettinger’s side protecting her (she is the one who informed Robert of the missing accounts) approved the quashing of the subpoenas. That was money Gertrude could have benefited but WHY did Sylvia the conservator not want know where the money went?

The following formed a conspiracy to isolate, over medicate and liquidate Gertrude Gettinger via a perjured, fraudulent petition never served to family or Gertrude
Lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr. helped Schmidt commit embezzlement, elder abuse, fraud, perjury & conspiracy to ignore law & crimes by the following criminals:

  1. Sylvia Schmidt Conservator
  2. Christopher Overgaard 1st lawyer who perjured his report, never server Gertrude, claimed he hired a PI who could not find any family (total lie and fabrication)
  3. Gary A. Schmidt Conservator husband (was investing the approx $200,000,000.00 estate against conservatorship rules
  4. Violet M. Boskovich PVP Lawyer forced on Gertrude who refused to help find the missing $200k and did not allow Gertrude to create a will.
  5. Philip Barbaro Jr. 2nd lawyer Lied to the court, failed to report perjury, fraud, embezzlement and helped bribe Judge Candace J. Beason
  6. Judge Candace J. Beason

Now that you know what Pasadena Lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr. who was the President of the Pasadena Bar and an adjunct Professor did for $190,000.00 in legal fees
you have to wonder why was this lawyer the “President of a bar” and teaching law to students?He loves to pretend to be this “Law abiding protector of the elderly” but this is nothing like what he does in private or behind courtroom walls.

Consider what lawyers in the Conservatorship of Gertrude Gettinger Case GP012634 Enter this case number HERE to see case summary

$371,332.00* Conservator Sylvia Schmidt who perjured her report to hide her embezzlement of $200,000.00 in bank accounts she never reported to the court or probate department, *Estimated amount
$189,025,00 Lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr.
$47,749.00 Lawyer Christopher Overgaard
$112,189.00 Lawyer Violet M. Boskovich

People who claim to be protecting an 84 year old woman who saved all her life was forced against her will to pay $720,295.00 for fees and services she never needed.
These fees don’t include Gertrude’s nursing home fees and other costs. They are only legal fees and what Sylvia claims she should pay without proof or verification of work done.
This is common conservatorship and Guardianship practice all while the judges who should be saying “NO” or asking for proof do nothing but allow the so called “Legal” stealing to continue


Meaning of corrupt

Dishonestly using your position or power to get an advantage, especially for money:
Both companies are under investigation for corrupt practices.
The whole system was corrupt – every official she approached wanted money before helping her.
Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples
deceiving others and not telling the truth

dishonest The press called out the campaign’s dishonest tactics.
untrustworthy He made the mistake of basing his news story on an untrustworthy source.
devious It was a devious plan – but would it work?
deceitful She’s deeply deceitful and not to be trusted.

More results
morally bad: a corrupt society

guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked: a corrupt judge.
debased in character; depraved; perverted; wicked; evil: a corrupt society.

verb (used with object)

“destroy” to destroy the integrity of; cause to be dishonest, disloyal, etc., especially by bribery.

“morally” to lower morally; pervert: to corrupt youth. to become corrupt.

Meaning of Abuser

Someone who treats another person in a cruel, violent, or unfair way: a child abuser

Both women testified against their alleged abuser.
They have begun to track down human rights abusers.
someone who uses something in a way that is harmful or morally wrong:
a drug/solvent abuser

He is a reformed cocaine abuser.
More examples
She has learned to forgive her abuser.

How was a convicted child abuser allowed to work in a school?
The center provides treatment for substance abusers.
We offer rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abusers.

The obvious STEALING, PERJURY and FRAUD above is common in all probate courts in America, it’s not an isolated case or city where this takes place. Those involved keep the wraps on their conspiracy and fraud
so often you see those involved move up the chain for example Judge Brenda Penny who was the Probate attorney for the court during Gertrude Gettinger’s conservatorship was made into a Probate judge and now commits her crimes against victims like Britney Spears


Find other victims of the same dishonorable judges, unethical, immoral lawyers and corrupt government that ignores your cries for help and justice all while helping the these criminals



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  • Help Document the Epidemic of Judicial Abuse Victims