A lawyer who is willing to stand up for justice Richard Fine

Richard Fine, a Californian Lawyer who stood up to an unethical, immoral, dis-honest judge David P. Yaffe who was caught accepting bribes. To shut up Richard, the judge falsely imprisoned Fine for 14 months, attempting to scare and shut him up. In the process, it was found that almost all Los Angeles Superior Court judges have accepted bribes and should be disbarred and prosecuted. Richard Fine Websites FREE, Richard Fine Be sure to see all the Richard Fine Videos

Angelique Fawcette Producer Director Activist Nichelle Nichols Elderly Lives Matter USA Org

FOUNDER – ELDERLY LIVES MATTER USA https://www.elderlylivesmatterusa.org/
BOARD MEMBER – KASEMCARES – https://kasemcares.org/team/
WEBSITE/MEDIA: https://www.angeliquefawcette.com/pressandmedia
IG: @angeliquefawcette

Angelique is a Real Activist Dedicated to Supporting and Preserving the Human & Civil Rights of the Elderly and Dependent Adults in America. Many Individuals over 50 years of age in our nation has proactively planned for their future retirement and end of life plans. Unfortunately, millions of Elderly Americans and Dependent Adults are victimized by unscrupulous individuals who seek to isolate them from their family and/or friends; over medicate them with drugs; liquidate their assets; drain their bank accounts/financial abuse; remove them from the familiarity and security of their homes; then force them into rest homes against their will where they are oftentimes physically, psychologically and even sexually abused. These proud and resolute citizens of our Nation, the Elderly, are currently an unprotected group of people. Oftentimes to some, “old” equates “dead” and the Elderly are far from that. Those who intend the elderly harm, can be Conservators; Guardians; so-called “Honorable Justices” of the Probate Court; dishonest attorneys, legal representatives; and even blood relatives such as the victim’s own sons or daughters, friends and/or representatives. She is committed to fighting for Freedom and for the Human and Civil Rights of The Elderly.

America's ethical and moral lawyers Don Bailey

Don Bailey practices law in Harrisburg, PA and is well known for taking on the high-profile and controversial cases many attorneys fear. Don adamantly defends the United States Constitution and the rights that it was intended to provide for us. Bailey is a former U.S. Congressman and Pennsylvania Auditor General. He’s most proud of being a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran and a family man.

About Don Bailey

Angela Turner Drees
Why did the opposing lawyer in the Drees case confess to having made false statements in a court proceeding? The answer, apparently, is this: A lawyer faces an automatic loss of his license if he is found to have lied to the bar; a lawyer who lies to a judge in open court can usually get away with it, especially if he belongs to a large firm or has political connections. In the perverse world of the “legal profession,” lying to the bar is a very risky thing to do. Under such circumstances, even the worst legal scoundrels are likely to tell the truth. In this case, the truth revealed that Angela Turner Drees had been making factual statements all along. And yet, she’s the one who had her license suspended.
Read More

Grant Goodman In an interview with ABC15 more than a year ago, Goodman described the county’s probate process as criminal. “These people are more organized than the mob. Plus, they have a court rubber stamp.” Read more


Honest, Ethical and very moral Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock

Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock July 30, 2012, was a landmark day for Judge Bullock. Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock has been fighting the EEOC for ten years. On July 30, 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled in Bullock v Berrien, Chairwoman of the EEOC in favor of Judge Bullock. The Court held that she had exhausted her administrative remedies and the U.S. Office of the Attorney General admitted to knowing the truth but lied to a Federal Judge to get the case dismissed. Who does this? And people wonder why she writes articles about judicial corruption within the EEOC Judiciary! Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock Story YouTube Videos of Judge Bullock Find Judge Bullock on Facebook


Los Angeles Police Sgt. Jim Gavin A Los Angeles police sergeant who uncovered evidence casting doubt on a 20-year-old murder conviction said department supervisors prematurely ordered him to shut down his investigation and then retaliated against him when their “cover-up” unraveled, according to a complaint filed with the city.

Los Angeles Times, 2005 Article
Man imprisoned for 26 years. LAPD LIED
Bruce Lisker LA Observed


Monterey California Gene Forte

Gene Forte
Attorney Busters Association, Inc. established its web presence as AttorneyBusters.com in March 2001 to gather complaints about attorneys, judicial officers, and bar associations. The President/CEO is Mr. Gene Forte. For more information on Gene, go to www.geneforte.com.

Forte is confident that AttorneyBusters.com will garner public awareness and support to start a movement that the judicial system will not be able to ignore. Attorneys should be held accountable to the same laws as the ordinary American, and not be able to use special privileges as shields to avoid prosecution if they have done something wrong.

It is a simple and reasonable request. SEE Judge Robert A. O Farrell

Bill Windsor Atlanta, Georgia, February 23, 2012 — William M. Windsor has been nominated as candidate for Chief Magistrate of Cobb County, Georgia. “This is an extremely powerful position”, so I am delighted to be nominated. I will use this nomination in an effort to educate hundreds of thousands about judicial corruption, attorney misconduct, and government corruption. Elect Bill Windsor Chief Magistrate Judge of Cobb County, Georgia Bill Windsor on FACEBOOK Lawless America Be sure to report YOUR JUDICIAL CRIME HERE

Judson Witham
Judson Witham,
Construction Supervisor and Author from Lake George, NY. Provided enormous amounts of information to Texas Newspapers the major television networks like the Conroe Courier, Houston Chronicle and Houston Post about LARGE-SCALE Land Subdivision and Bank / S&L Looting during the 1980s. See Houston Chronicles Archives on Illegal Subdivisions, Colonias as well as bank and S&L

John Carrman A veteran law enforcement officer for over 25 years, John has worked for the U.S. Secret Service, San Diego Police Department, U.S. Mint Police and the U.S. Customs Service. In his capacity with the Secret Service in 1974-1977, where he served for over 3 years, John was directly involved in the protection of the President, First Family, the White House, the Vice-President and his family, Ambassadors, Embassies and Heads of State. Customs Corruptions

Randy Gaumond’s Universal Get Out of Jail Free Card

Contact Randy Gaumond or chat with him CLICK HERE


Cary-Andrew Crittenden
A devoted American who has made it his cause to expose unethical judges and government which prey on seniors and the mentally disabled.

Find Cary on Facebook
Find out more about Cary on the following pages
Santa Clara County Public Guardian facilitates illegal eviction from Markham Plaza HUD subsidized Apartments
Efforts to bring the evidence to the public, hindered by a judge who claims he is being terrorized
Major Corruption Organization informed about Judge Socrates Manoukian, judge claims film crew is threatening him with weapons
Facebook Page organization exposing the unethical Judge Manoukian “Please like the page”
The Sheriff Department is being misled by the judge who claims he’s the victim, the judge is abusing his power by influencing the authorities to stop any investigation and aide for the real victims.

Crystal Cox INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER and Blogger Crystal Cox who became famous for exposing crimes by certain persons and corporations, became a target herself. What all this proves is how our legal system is manipulated by those who are part of it or have money. MONEY buys you justice in America today. What the bad guys are doing now is their own blogs to try and defame Crystal Cox. However, readers quickly note it’s not what it seems. If you read Crystal’s blogs you’ll find she always includes facts, evidence and documentation regarding who she’s exposing. The truth will ultimately come out and who is behind the recent defaming of Crystal “A TRUE AMERICAN HERO” One thing the people above have in common is when they blow the whistle on crime or corruption, the other side is quick to dis-bar, defame, fire or retaliate against them. Richard Fine was dis-barred for doing nothing more than telling the truth. Is this what the bar should have done? If you’ve ever been involved in a legal proceeding where you are in the right and can prove it, the other side uses the oldest trick in the book. “Don’t like the message, kill the messenger” which means they try and destroy your character so the message you bring is affected.

What this does tell you is if they were honest or ethical, they would defend what they’re doing, but they can’t. Criminals are just that, dis-honest and unethical, so they stoop to the lowest forms of defense.

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