Hello, I’m Alexander Smirnov,

America has a corruption problem that starts at the American Bar. American’s are fooled via propaganda into believing they have rights, equality and freedom. The problem is, if you try to use those promises, you quickly find out they don’t exist. Every aspect of the media has been taken over and if your experiences or beliefs don’t go along with the government agenda, they’re called fake news. The fact that a gang (American BAR) has manipulated and changed the so-called justice system, which should be based on rights, law, evidence, facts and witnesses statements, into a profit system for BAR members. This is what happens when you let the criminals running things make the rules and laws. BAR members give themselves impunity and authority over rights and laws. Police never question a judge’s command because of the obviously biased relationship. Thus, dishonest police rarely go to prison or receive fair punishment. The same can be said about judges who are allowed to retire or do a fraction of their prison time at a comfortable, plush federal prison. But worse, the MAJORITY of thousands of judges never get any punishment and continue to abuse, steal and cheat the public out of justice.

This fact that a huge majority (not just a minor few) of judges are corrupt and criminals in a black robes who have no honor. Which in turn creates thousands of victims each year, which when extends down to other family involved, there are millions cheated out of justice every year? How do they get away with it? The American government is involved and condones this practice by ignoring the cries of millions of victims via FBI and DOJ reports that go ignored. These disgusting frauds who are just dishonest lawyers who fleeced clients are given impunity.

Did you know when one of these criminals commits fraud, accepts a bribe or profits from ignoring evidence, fact or rights that they can then extort the victim when they go public and expose the crimes? What happens is when one of these known abusers gets their name added, they lie to Google, Yelp or the Robing room to demand the negative experience is removed. Worse, they file false defamation claims and take the victim before that same corrupt judge. Who will rule in favor of the same criminals who committed the abuse. Evidence, fact, rights, law are ignored plus tax paid government protective agencies i. FBI, DOJ take no action

It’s not just one division of court such as Probate but every aspect of court, divorce, family, civil, appellate and criminal. The scam is the same in all the courts. The judge is a criminal and ruling in favor of or who pays them a bribe, which is usually in the form of a bank loan they never pay back. This is how millions of Americans are victimized every day, but most people can’t accept this goes on, they don’t want to see what’s really going on until it happens to them or someone close to them.

The result is two classes in America. Those forced to obey the law and those above the law. Thus, law is useless because it’s never been equally applied.

The problem:

We are court victims, so we know firsthand what is going on in this country and world. If you have not directly been affected (first-hand family member) of what the courts are doing, you won’t fully be able to understand.

The American BAR is nothing less than a “gang” or “mafia” of dishonesty, greed and control. Our so-called justice or legal system is in reality just a profit system for BAR members. Ever notice when a BAR member takes a stand against dishonest, fraud, bribery or violation of law? They are disbarred for speaking out and exposing the real criminals. Dr. Richard L. Fine is a poster child and example of a patriot with high morals and ethics who exposed that the majority of Los Angeles County Superior Court judges had been accepting yearly bribes to rule in favor of the county. He spent 18 months in jail for not having committed any crime. He had exposed one of the most dishonest judges in Los Angeles County.  Judge David P. Yafee

The problem is simple: “Laws are useless if not enforced equally” It’s obvious BAR members are not held to the same standards or justice or accountability as the public. Money is the deciding factor, as is who you know, not justice, law, rights, ethics, morals or evidence. BAR members have weaponized the court system, made common whores of judges from the Supreme court down to our superior court judges.

The problem is the same in all court divisions: Probate, Family, Divorce, Civil, Appellate and Criminal court.

Judges can NOT be lawyers, while this sounds impossible, the problem is: We can’t have the “Foxes guarding the hen house”.  The last century has proven what happens when you let the person who profits from their crimes make the rules. BAR members swear to each other as a gang, and thus they never hold their friends or fellow gang members liable or fully accountable. More lawyers belong in prison for “Life terms” by the total amount of damage. What happens instead is a poor person gets life for minimal damages of a few thousand dollars. While a BAR member can get caught for stealing hundreds of thousands to millions and gets probation or a few years.

Look at the “Kids for Cash” judge where it took thousands of victims to get government attention, yet that judge, in the end, spent very little time in a real prison. Worse, never had to give back much of what he stole via his abused authority.

Immunity or impunity all need to be revoked for all public servants or government roles because without it there is no accountability or justice.

We are about “helping other victims because we know helping them helps us in the end”. We are not about doing this for money: we are about universal justice and restitution for all victims.

Furthermore, we CAN NOT fully trust anyone who has ties to the BAR. That would be like putting your life in the hands of a Mafia hit man and thinking “They’re on the same page.

We must “Prove a Pattern of Practice” which is obvious once you really look for victims.

We welcome all victims, but if your motives and values are about profit, fame or attention, you’re in the wrong place. Victims, for the most part, are broke, homeless, in debt, barely surviving and traumatized. Suicide, severe depression and “Legal Abuse Syndrome”, a form of PTSD, are common. If you have no understanding or experience with any of this, you’re not a true victim.

If you work with or bring someone who has a HISTORY of being a Judicial Predator, you don’t belong here. Thus, all BAR members or promoters need to be vetted and proven reliable before working with them in any form. We’ve seen predators pretend to be law-abiding and caring. Some join legal abuse help groups, put on false images of positive change, but it’s all a fake front to appear authentic and draw in unknowing victims.

Beware of those asking for money, claiming it’s the only way to get justice. The fact is, legal fees are what got you nowhere and to this point. Never forget the key issues, BAR members are out for profit and loyal only to their own, regardless of how much you pay them or the claims to be about justice. Its common lawyers make backroom deals against their own clients

Once you accept and see the legal system is “a profit system” designed, created, run and ruled by BAR members of a gang. Honor, oaths, law, rights, evidence and fact mean nothing, it’s all for show to pretend and stop outsiders or the public from seeing what’s really going on.

We are constantly looking for more warriors to join our ranks and help us move justice forward. We don’t care about titles, fancy legal talk or promises, we care about efforts, results and devotion to all court victims.

Join us, as this site belongs to all court victims, not just to one person. As a large group, we will get justice and make change.

By helping other victims, you’re helping yourself because we all share the same goal.
2. Its mandatory victims are treated with the utmost respect and dignity.
3. Donations are one thing, mandatory demands; guilting for funds is not tolerated.
We have NO Owner, dictator or sole person in charge; we are a group, unit or family
5. BAR members or family not allowed due to a history of manipulation and greed.
6. We are a group, family and grassroots effort by the victims and for the victims.
7. Only actual victims who lost everything, were violated, cheated by a court understand

1. Adding your experience (the truth), choosing what you wish to share about your experience and abusers is your choice. Use of the internet and social media make it possible for other parties, media and activists to find you. As well, others just starting their experience with the courts can Google the names of judges, lawyers and accomplices. This is highly effective, as it’s not good for their crimes or business.
2. Find other victims on our pages; offer your experiences via posts, created pages, audio, video or books or direct contact.
3. Contribute to these page’s advice, links, documents and support
4. We are a worldwide group, not limited to one country.


*content is subject to change due to members’ group goals but never for our core values.
We assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this site. The information contained in this site is provided on an “as is” basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness…”
Founder CEO

“Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned”

Before you depart it’s advised to take a moment and view the following factual videos:
Fellow Court Victim, Activist, Reporter, Writer and Whistle Blower speaks the truth

BAR Members, facts, truth and what they don’t want the public to know.


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