Judge Richard S. Whitney

Corrupt San Diego County California Judge Richard S Whitney

Judge Richard S. Whitney

Name Status Number City Admission Date December 1984
Whitney, Richard Spencer  Judge 116374 San Diego

After Natalie raised concerns that Del Mar Union School District, Superintendent Holly McClurg’s son was bullying her son, and after filing a complaint for retaliation in federal court, and after making public comment at Del Mar Union School District’s (DMUSD) board meetings, Natalie was silenced and served with a restraining order. The school lawyer, Daniel Shinoff, who other school districts will not retain because of his firm’s past history of questionable practices, filed three consecutive restraining orders against Natalie and signed them for the individual declarant, 6th grade teacher, Caitlin Fallon-McKnight, under penalty of perjury.

Then Daniel Shinoff had ex parte communications with San Diego County Superior Court judge, Richard S. Whitney and had the case specifically moved to Whitney, a judge that Daniel Shinoff’s firm had other of their cases moved to. Judge Whitney also met with Daniel Shinoff, Nadine Schick, and Jenni Huh alone in chambers, without Natalie’s consent and in violation of the judicial code of ethics. Judge Whitney, the one man jury, then refused to let Natalie allow into evidence a survey the DMUSD teachers participated in which alleged illegal and unethical conduct by Jenni Huh, Nadine Schick, and Holly McClurg. It also stated they feared retaliation.

In granting a five-year permanent restraining order that prohibits Natalie from being 200 yards from any elementary school in her neighborhood, judge Whitney discriminated against Natalie a repeatedly called her a “Domestic Terrorist” for filing “complaints” with the US Office of Civil Rights, “sending emails” to the school, and asking for “IEP meetings”. Because of Judge Whitney Deplorable and egregious abuse of power, Natalie was not allowed to take or drop off her son at Ashley Falls elementary school, like other parents. Instead, she had to drop him off over 200 yards away from the school, with what appeared to be an armed security guard waiting for him. And not only was Natalie no longer allowed to make public comments at DMUSD Board meetings, but she was also not permitted to attend her son’s 6th grade play and his graduation, which was very traumatic for the two of them. Judge Richard S. Whitney’s actions are an abuse of power and child abuse.

In addition to all of this, DMUSD, Daniel Shinoff, Ashely Falls Principal Karly Pecorella, continue to drag Natalie back into court, including by maliciously claiming she is a vexatious litigant (a case that DMUSD lost), for defending against their actions, and asking judge Whitney to jail Natalie, alleging she “laughs at the law” and to find her in contempt by claiming Natalie had dropped off, and picked up, her son 160 yards away from Ashley Falls school instead of 200. Even though according to Google Maps Natalie had dropped off, and picked up, her son over 700 yards away (over 500 yards further than the restraining order required). Additionally, judge Whitney exceeded his jurisdiction, as he has a pattern of doing.

We’re calling for immediate action from the California State of Judicial Performance and the County of San Diego to remove Superior Court judge Richard S. Whitney immediately!!

Here is a link to Deplorable San Diego Superior Court judge Richard S. Whitney on channel 8 news, angry, embroiled and refusing to recuse:

Link to Natalie’s GoFundme page:https://gofund.me/23d162dd


San Diego Superior Court Judge Richard S. Whitney “Fraud Upon the Court”!

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