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HOW TO EDIT COURTVICTIM.COM PAGES OR POSTS Before you start NOTE: After you register for an account for (CV) we need to upgrade your account so you can edit your page(s). So let us know you’re waiting for that to be changed. LOGIN: 1. Make sure you are logged on to your account. A. Go to the home page on B. Click on “LOGIN” top right hand of the page C. If you registered by clicking on Continue with Google, Twitter, Facebook or Yahoo click on the same Icon to login again. If not enter the email address or username and password you registered with Once logged on click on the FIND YOUR PAGE Once logged on you can go to the home page of CV Use the search option or links to get to your page. Once on your page and logged in look for the “EDIT” button lower right side of your page. Click on the “EDIT” button Note above the EDIT button which ONLY appears if you are logged onto your account Note the SHARE ICONS, these are for when you page is complete, you… Read More

How to Bribe a Judge

How Easy is it to Bribe a Judge

How Easy is it to Bribe a Judge and Get away with it? It’s too easy and has been going on for decades. Remember a judge is nothing more than a lawyer who is given immunity and a black robe. The honor and integrity must be earned but far too often judges abuse their powers because as they say Absolute power corrupts”. The problem then is the broken relationship between authorities and the court who are often friends. Police doing favors for the courts and courts returning those favors has bred a biased and unjust environment. Federal Laws On Bribery (a) Whoever (1) corruptly gives, offers, or promises anything of value to any person, with intent to influence or reward an officer, director, employee, agent, or attorney of a financial institution in connection with any business or transaction of such institution; or (2) as an officer, director, employee, agent, or attorney of a financial institution, corruptly solicits or demands for the benefit of any person, or corruptly accepts or agrees to accept, anything of value from any person, intending to be influenced or rewarded in connection with any business or… Read More


Court Victim National Database

MAKE SURE YOUR COURT ABUSE CASE COUNTS It’s about time that someone created a NON-Government National database which ensures the deep corruption does not change the actual stats. All divisions of courts divorce, family, probate, appellate, criminal and civil court victims are needed. The reason government won’t track judicial abuse is similar to the Police abuse and murders problem. They don’t want proof and evidence the problem is epidemic. The world knows how many Holocaust victims there are, how many DUI deaths but why are they hiding COURT CREATED victims? It’s estimate several MILLION innocent parties are abuse, violated and cheated in our courts but the public is not aware of how many victims there really are. CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO GET LISTED Read More


Once your 16×20 Posters arrive you will need to assemble them. MORE INFO ON ORDERING SIGNS 1. 5 gallon paint sticks 21″ (1 Stick per sign) They usually come in 3 packs for about .98 (If you’re buying something else at the store or be nice to the store clerk they may donate them for free) Try asking we’ve gotten a good number of free sticks Found at Lowe’s, Home Depot and other hardware, paint stores 2. Foam Board 20″x30″ (a Board for 2 signs) Foam core boards 20″X30″ can be cut in half and used for 2 signs leaving an inch or so without backing but still support the sign, Readi-Board is located at 5955 Crossroads Commerce Wyoming, MI 49519 (616) 261-4400 their boards are carried by most major stores such as Walmart, Michels, .99 Stores, Dollar Tree, Office Depot Need more retailers who carry foam board Google “Readi-board” click on Shopping option under the search box 3.  Some good quality wood glue, can be found at most hardware stores 4. Some good quality spray on adhesive,Gorilla or 3M work well usually about $10 a can and found at… Read More

Court-Gate…the Courts “Divorced from the Law”: Without Liberty or Justice at all

2022 Book Divorced from the law

 Court-Gate….the Courts “Divorced from the Law” on FREE ebook promo at Amazon Saturday March 12, 2022 Can be read on computer, phone device, or Kindle What happens when there’s a “tale of too much corruption” and the judiciary doesn’t apply the law? departs from law?… doesn’t comply with the law?…..abandons the Constitution and law?….inserts their own law?….This true memoir reports the experiences of an unsuspecting woman who encountered court cases where the judiciary was “divorced from the law”. After the court system “asset-stripped” this woman and “perfected injustice”, the court ordered-away and canceled-outher Constitutional Rights to silence her and censor her cases plagued with fraud and “cover-ups” by “gatekeeping” her court-access, amounting to nothing less than a “judicial-hit-job.” The book is intended to inform and educate the public, and “sound an alarm” to prompt positive reform. Read More

Britney Spears’ Full Statement Against Conservatorship: ‘I Am Traumatized’

Los Angeles Superior Court Probate abuseHow Britney Spears Feels

I just got a new phone, and I have a lot to say, so bear with me. Basically, a lot has happened since two years ago, the last time — I wrote all this down — the last time I was in court. I will be honest with you. I haven’t been back to court in a long time, because I don’t think I was heard on any level when I came to court the last time. I brought four sheets of paper in my hands and wrote in length what I had been through the last four months before I came there. The people who did this to me should not be able to walk away so easily. To recap: I was on tour in 2018. I was forced to do… My management said if I don’t do this tour, I will have to find an attorney, and by contract my own management could sue me if I didn’t follow through with the tour. He handed me a sheet of paper as I got off the stage in Vegas and said I had to sign it. It was very… Read More