Is your Judge on the Take?

Majority of Los Angeles California Superior Court Judges accept illegal payments help dr Richard I Fine

10 steps to research a judge’s finances to determine if he’s dirty Ten Essential Steps 1) Check for the name of your judge’s spouse 2) Check judge’s years on the bench 3) Request his mandated financial disclosure forms from the state 4) Look him (and spouse) up on County Grantor Grantee index 5) Make spreadsheet to show loans, amounts and time it took to pay them back 6) Check any business interests with Secretary of State to locate more information—business partners, status of business interest, etc. Then run these businesses through the County Grantor Grantee index. 7) Check courts to see if your judge’s name or name of business partners are attached to any case Check courts to see if he sat on any cases involving business partners 9) Make public records act request for phone records (checking for ex parte communications with the other side) 10) Check with auditor’s office to see if judge (a state employee) is also receiving monies from the county (conflict of interest issue) By Janet Phelan More on how to get involved to expose and stop Judicial Abuse Read More

How to Contact Your California Legislator to Pass the “Dr. Richard I. Fine Bill” to End Judicial Corruption

Help pass Richard I Fine Amend SBX 2 11

Find out who your state representatives are GO TO: Find Your 1. Enter your address 2. Use the “Contact form” on your representatives website 3. Select “Other” 4. Copy and enter the following in the box on your representative’s contact form Click Copy to Clipboard Below: Dear representative: California has the most corrupt judicial system in the nation. At present, approximately 90% of the California Superior Court judges receive the illegal payments from counties or courts, and most of the higher court justices received such when they were Superior Court judges. I demand YOU sponsor and support the Dr. Richard I. Fine Bill “Amending SBX2 11 and Related Government Code Sections; Establishing a State of California Commission on Judicial Oversight and Victims Compensation for Judicial Misconduct and Judicial Abuse of Power”. Passing the “Fine Bill” solves the “Corruption Problem”. The reason is: In 2010, the Court held the Legislature was responsible to permanently resolve the problem created by the enactment of SBX 2 11. The Court held SBX 2 11 was interim legislation. SBX 2 11 was enacted in response to the Court holding “supplemental or local judicial benefits” paid to California… Read More

Richard I. Fine’s SBX 2 11

CVSBX 2 11 Basic explanation

SBX 2 11 was enacted on February 20, 2009 Effective May 20, 2009 as emergency, budget trailer legislation within three days and signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, after the Court held the County payments directly to State Superior Court judges violated Article VI, Section 19 of the California Constitution. SBX 2 11 made the payments legal with the counties having the option to discontinue the payments on a 180 day notice. SBX 2 11 also gave retroactive immunity as of 7/1/2008 from criminal prosecution, civil liability and disciplinary action to all judges who received the payments and all governments and employees who made the payments. Two counties stopped the payments. A December, 2009 Judicial Council Report to the Legislature showed that 90% of the Superior Court Judges received the illegal payments. That figure is approximately correct today due to the greater increase in Superior Court judges in LA County and other counties where the payments are still existing an either a non increase or minimal increase in counties where the payments do not exist. Additionally, these Superior Court judges became Court of Appeal justices and California Supreme Court justices, thereby infecting… Read More

Richard I. Fine Broadcast Amend SBX 211 get restitution for Court Victims and Citizen Oversight

Richard I Fine speaks out about Amend SBX211 Get court victims restitution and justice help pass this bill

Make sure to LISTEN IN AND WATCH LIVE “Richard I. Fine” the American lawyer who took a stand against the BAR and the judges in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Richard created a Bill to Amend SBX211 to help the victims. If this bill passes in California with your help it can ALSO BE USED in all the other states with minor alterations. It was designed that way. However we need to pass it and get it into the system for it to work. Please tune in today and share this so we get some change. See this page to view the show Today June 23, 2022 at 6:30PM CST Read More

Richard I. Fine’s Bill Amending SBX 211 & related Government Code Sections; Establishing State of California Commission on Judicial Oversight & Victims Compensation for Judicial Misconduct & Judicial Abuse of Power

Bill Amending SBX 211 & related Government Code Sections; Establishing State of California Commission on Judicial Oversight and Victims Compensation for Judicial Misconduct and Judicial Abuse of Power

RICHARD I. FINE’S AMEND BILL SBX 2 11 BILL NUMBER: BILL TEXT CHAPTER FILED WITH SECRETARY OF STATE APPROVED BY GOVERNOR PASSED THE SENATE PASSED THE ASSEMBLY INTRODUCED BY [to be inserted] May , 2022 An act: (1) responding to the systemic emergency judicial crisis in California existing since approximately 1985 when individual counties and courts commenced paying State Superior Court judges sitting on State Superior Courts for their counties “supplemental or local judicial benefits” in addition to the State compensation (salary and benefits) paid to the judges by the State causing disparity in judges judicial salary and benefits, double taxation for citizens and residents in the “paying counties”, “unconstitutional (unlawful) ‘supplemental local judicial benefit payments’ ” to the judges resulting in 90% of California’s Superior Court judges receiving “bribes” under California and federal criminal laws; (2) responding to President Biden’s June 3, 2021 Memorandum declaring Corruption to be a National Security Issue; (3) responding to the public outcry against: (a) California’s judicial misconduct and judicial abuse of power negatively controlling judicial decisions as exemplified by SBX 2 11 and articles in the Daily Kos by Richard I. Fine, Doctor… Read More

How to Bribe a Judge

How Easy is it to Bribe a Judge

How Easy is it to Bribe a Judge and Get away with it? It’s too easy and has been going on for decades. Remember a judge is nothing more than a lawyer who is given immunity and a black robe. The honor and integrity must be earned but far too often judges abuse their powers because as they say Absolute power corrupts”. The problem then is the broken relationship between authorities and the court who are often friends. Police doing favors for the courts and courts returning those favors has bred a biased and unjust environment. Federal Laws On Bribery (a) Whoever (1) corruptly gives, offers, or promises anything of value to any person, with intent to influence or reward an officer, director, employee, agent, or attorney of a financial institution in connection with any business or transaction of such institution; or (2) as an officer, director, employee, agent, or attorney of a financial institution, corruptly solicits or demands for the benefit of any person, or corruptly accepts or agrees to accept, anything of value from any person, intending to be influenced or rewarded in connection with any business or… Read More


Court Victim National Database

MAKE SURE YOUR COURT ABUSE CASE COUNTS It’s about time that someone created a NON-Government National database which ensures the deep corruption does not change the actual stats. All divisions of courts divorce, family, probate, appellate, criminal and civil court victims are needed. The reason government won’t track judicial abuse is similar to the Police abuse and murders problem. They don’t want proof and evidence the problem is epidemic. The world knows how many Holocaust victims there are, how many DUI deaths but why are they hiding COURT CREATED victims? It’s estimate several MILLION innocent parties are abuse, violated and cheated in our courts but the public is not aware of how many victims there really are. CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO GET LISTED Read More