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Court Victim Justice Media Dr Robert Sarhan

WELCOME TO DR. ROBERT SARHAN COURT VICTIM JUSTICE MEDIA Find us at the following Media outlets by clicking on the logos below: Take a FACEBOOK Poll for judges Congressional Testimony: Dr. Robert Sarhan to Bill Windsor of Lawless America Dr. Robert Sarhan: Guardianships — Presented to Bill Windsor of Lawless America Robert Sarhan talks on the Public Interest Issues Show to Janet President Trump: Need Urgent Meeting to Stop Guardian Court Judges From Murdering our Parents PRESIDENT TRUMP STOP JUDGES ATTORNEYS AND GUARDIANS FROM STEALING OUR ESTATES/MURDERING OUR PARENTS A Breach of Trust by Susan Hodges Trailer Eyes on Predator Guardians “TV Series Episode ONE” Read More


SBX 2 11 Public Outrage Proof

PETITION “REPEAL SBX211 AND GIVE THE COURTS BACK TO THE PEOPLE” 3,373,772 Signatures and mailing to Congress SBX2 11 is a California Senate Bill passed in 2009. The bill was signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on February 20, 2009. The bill reinstated certain supplemental benefits for judges and gave them retroactive immunity for accepting compensation from the county of Los Angeles, which the Constitution clearly states shall be set by the legislature. A story about the bill, and a link to it, can be found at Full Disclosure Network. Ronald M. George is the chairman of the Judicial Council of California, which wrote SBX2 11. An organization known as Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the county. In October 2008, a California appellate court decision, Sturgeon v. County of Los Angeles declared the payments by the county to the judges were unconstitutional, thus reversing the decision made by a Superior Court of Los Angeles. In March 2009, attorney Dr. Richard I. Fine, was jailed in retaliation for exposing the corruption, now involving all branches of California government. More information can be found in the story by Full Disclosure… Read More



JUDICIAL CORRUPTION SOLUTION WHY IS THIS LEGISLATION NEEDED: This is a response to the systemic emergency judicial crisis in California existing since 1985 when individual counties and courts commenced paying State Superior Court judges sitting on State Superior Courts for their counties “supplemental or local judicial benefits” in addition to the State compensation (salary and benefits) paid to the judges by the State causing disparity in judges judicial salary and benefits, double taxation for citizens and residents in the “paying counties”, “unconstitutional (unlawful) ‘supplemental local judicial benefit payments’” to the judges resulting in 90% of California’s Superior Court judges receiving “bribes” under California and federal criminal laws; WHO CAN APPLY FOR THE COURT VICTIM ABUSE SUPPORT, OR WHOSE ELIGIBLE? Court Victims from cases since 1985 Civil, Criminal, Family, Juvenile, Probate, Appellate and Supreme Courts What states are eligible, this bill needs to be initially in one state after which it can be passed in all states WHAT DO COURT VICTIMS RECEIVE? Read the Legislation HERE victims get compensated starting at $1-10 million and cumulating, the judge who committed the misconduct is reported to the Commission on Judicial Performance who must… Read More



Help document a pattern of abuse of judicial corruption

The public does not believe judicial corruption is at an epidemic level of MILLIONS of court victims every year. This is done via bribery (see research your judge for proof). Gag orders, sealing records, but all done illegally in violation of law. The problem is judges ignore all law, rights, legislation or code of canon and the commissions on judicial performance ignore it all. The legal BAR is useless and involved. We have allowed lawyers to weaponize our courts to steal, rob, extort money by forcing innocent parties into courts where the playing field is fixed (the judge is bribed to approve anything one side asks for and deny everything from the other). This is so common, it’s the norm. The only thing the public gets are fact terms “Justice, honor, oath, law, rights or due process”. We are dealing with the “Fox guarding the hen house” trusting lawyers to govern themselves, control their friend and associates, many who went to law school together. The judges hide behind a false image of good, protector or fair judge the ”Wolf in sheep’s clothing”” scam is taking place here. CLICK HERE OR… Read More


Lawsuit Claiming the US is Using Citizens as Lab Rats is Dismissed

US dismisses Lawsuit Claiming the US is Using by Janet C Phelan

TOPICS:Directed Energy Weapons  Human Rights  Janet Phelan By Janet Phelan This article is dedicated to Liza Goldsmith, artist and directed energy victim, b. November 16, 1970, d. June 1, 2023 A federal judge has dismissed the Targeted Justice lawsuit. Claiming at the outset that the lawsuit, filed on behalf of eighteen individuals who claim that they have been placed, non-consensually, on a government blacklist and subsequently attacked with covert weaponry, is “bizarre and fantastical,” federal judge Lee Rosenthal went on, in his twenty-one page decision, to detail that the 1) individuals lacked standing to sue, that 2) the court lacks jurisdiction over the “individual-capacity defendants” (which include FBI Director Christopher Wray and others) and also points out that 3) Congress failed to provide a Bivens remedy for prior violations of “the sort alleged here, despite—as the plaintiffs allege—past governmental abuses of similar character.” The dismissal references the MKUltra programs and states that “despite the abuses and subsequent condemnation of those programs, Congress did not create a damages cause of action for the individuals they allegedly harmed. The Bivens case law and this congressional inaction are reason enough to conclude that the… Read More


Support this Bill to GET JUSTICE for ALL COURT VICTIMS Nationwide

Support this Dr Richard I Fine Los Angeles County California Corrupt Members ignores judicial corruption victims

History of SBX 211 and AB 2960 SBX 2 11 Commencing in the mid to late 1980s California Counties and State Superior Courts began paying State Superior Court judges (Trial Court judges) payments in addition to their State Compensation. These payments were called “Supplemental or Local Judicial Benefit Payments” (payments). California Constitution, Article VI, Section 19, required Judicial State Compensation could only be set by the California Legislature. The payments were held to violate the California Constitution in Sturgeon v. County of Los Angeles, 167 Cal.App.4th 630 (2008), Review Denied, 2009). In response, the California Legislature approved and Governor Schwarzenegger signed SBX 2 11 on February 20, 2009, Effective May 20, 2009: (1) allowing the payments to continue in Section 2 and adding such as Section 68220 to the California Government Code; (2) defining the payments to include salary, compensation, benefits 401K and 457K plans in Section 3 and adding such as Section 68221 to the California Government Code; (3) stating nothing in SBX 2 11 requires the Judicial Council to pay for judicial benefits or previous benefits in Section 4 and adding such as Section 68222 to the California… Read More


Locking Folks Up Without Due Process? California Sure Does

stop allowing one form public loses all control by one doctor signing you away

Can you imagine you wake up one day and everything you own, worked for and possess is now owned by the state and can be sold off to pay lawyers, bribed judges and dishonest parties like your own family by ONE DOCTOR? By Janet Phelan It’s official. The right to due process is now superseded by a form That’s right. California can strip you of your right to free movement, your right of association and most of your freedoms should a doctor see fit to check number 14 k on this form. No more messy 5150 holds, no more civil commitments or court oversight. No unpleasant guardianship proceedings with even more unpleasant family members. Just some doc in an office wielding a pen. Seriously. The form is LIC 602 A and is reproduced here https://www.cdss.ca.gov/cdssweb/entres/forms/english/lic602a.pdf California has made some efforts to provide legal proceedings and protections for those whose competency is questioned. There are 72-hour holds, which can be extended through legal means. There are conservatorships, which have received some media scrutiny of late and may be rife with further abuses, including documented concerns that probate court judges are violating… Read More


Book Rogues in Black Robes by Brian Vukadinovich

Book Rogues in Black Robes author brian vukadinovich educator speaker

Book Rogues in Black Robes by Brian Vukadinovich “… with liberty, and justice for all.” But is there truly justice for all? And how “just” is our justice system? Find out for yourself as you read how a federal court of appeals judge in Chicago used his influence to have a decision fixed regarding an appeal filed against rogue police a former judge of the United States Court of Appeals decided to come clean and disclose how he allowed himself to be manipulated into throwing the decision the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals and other members of that court, covered up the case-fixing activities In Rogues in Black Robes, you will read about mechanisms that are put in place to protect corrupt judges from accountability when they breach their sworn oaths of office and even violate the laws of the United States. Read, learn, and decide for yourself whether there is truly “justice for all.” MORE BRIAN VUKADINOVICH ARTICLES Read More


Book Motion for Justice I Rest My Case By Brian Vukadinovich

Book Motion for Justice I rest my case author brian vukadinovich educator speaker

Book Motion for Justice I Rest My Case By Brian Vukadinovich Rich in information, Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case shares Brian Vukadinovich’s experiences and intimate knowledge of governmental and judicial corruption and what went on behind the scenes in Indiana for years in efforts to take away his freedom and livelihood as a teacher. Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case, in a straightforward, no-holds-barred style, will open your eyes to government and judicial corruption that you have never before heard or seen the likes of. Brian Vukadinovich minces no words when he writes about his journey for justice, calling out high-level state and federal officials, including state and federal judges, for undermining Vukadinovich’s efforts in exposing government corruption. Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case will show how law enforcement agencies in Indiana conspired to take his freedom away from him by falsely arresting and vindictively prosecuting him on numerous occasions and how Brian Vukadinovich successfully took on the corrupt police in many of the cases representing himself and successfully arguing for dismissal of the bogus charges. In Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case, you will… Read More


There is a Public Crisis with Rogue Police ~ Police Reforms Are Necessary

There is a Public Crisis with Rogue Police Police Reforms Are Necessary Brian Vukadinovich

As if the George Floyd, Daunte Wright, and Laquan McDonald murders, and the many others at the hands of rogue police weren’t enough, we are now yet again faced with more senseless shootings by police resulting in serious injuries to multiple innocent people in Columbus Georgia, and the death of an innocent young man, Amir Locke, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It doesn’t seem to ever stop. And adding to the problem are no-knock warrants that are causing many unnecessary police killings of innocent people right in their own homes. Rogue police are out of control and qualified immunity for police needs to end. According to news media reporting, a police officer in Georgia has been placed on administrative leave after shooting multiple innocent people while firing at an alleged car thief on February 7, 2022. Reportedly the driver of the vehicle being investigated drove toward the officer in an attempt to flee the scene and the officer pulled out his weapon and fired and struck several innocent individuals. The alleged suspect reportedly was not caught. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/cop-shoots-multiple-bystanders-by-mistake-trying-to-stop-car-thief/ar-AATBlw1?ocid=msedgntp. The news media has reported that on February 2, 2022, Amir Locke, 22, was killed… Read More


The Federal Judiciary is Infested with Sexual Perverts ~ Chief Justice Roberts Looks the Other Way

Brian Vukadinovich The Federal Judiciary is Infested with Sexual Perverts Chief Justice Roberts Looks the Other Way

A recent article came out by NBC News pointing out that because of many judicial improprieties that have been going on, that there have been increased calls for the Supreme Court to be subject to a code of ethics, like all other U.S. courts, but that Chief Justice John Roberts has consistently defended the court’s refusal to adopt one, rejecting all suggestions of congressional or other oversight. The article points out that the Supreme Court has refused for over 50 years to adopt the Judicial Conference code, or any other code, making it the only court in the United States without a formal set of ethics rules. Roberts’ stated position is that the Supreme Court has “no reason to adopt the Code of Conduct as its definitive source of ethical guidance.” Roberts says that “every justice seeks to follow high ethical standards” and that they may turn to “judicial opinions, treatises, scholarly articles and disciplinary decisions,” and also seek advice from one another. https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/supreme-court-chief-justice-john-roberts-gives-incomplete-history-lesson-ncna1286943. Roberts has his head in the sand when he suggests that all is hunky-dory in the way that the judiciary policies itself. Contrary to what Roberts… Read More


Senators Are Allowing Misfit Judges to Be Appointed to the Federal Judiciary By Inept Vetting

Senators Are Allowing Misfit Judges to Be Appointed to the Federal Judiciary By Inept Vetting Brian Vukadinovich

There is something very fundamentally flawed in the way that federal judges are vetted in the appointment and confirmation process. Federal district court judges, circuit court of appeals and supreme court judges are political appointments and are nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate. Because these are basically lifetime appointments, we should be much more inquisitive in the selection process. Quite frankly, the questions that the senators ask at the senate confirmation hearings of the judicial nominee are getting to be old hat and not helpful to the majority of the population in terms of the limited subject matter of the questions. The public has been quite accustomed to listening to the same types of questions as to the same issues time after time whenever there is a senate confirmation hearing, irrespective of which political party is in power. The issues that are thrust into the confirmation hearings are always the hot button issues involving abortion rights, gun control and so forth, and a small handful of others that have made it to the front pages of the day. It’s the same old drill every time as the… Read More


Don’t Be Fooled by the Used Car Salesman Smile of Chief Justice John Roberts

Dont Be Fooled by the Used Car Salesman Smile of Chief Justice John Roberts Brian Vukadinovich

Chief Justice John Roberts has been recently quoted as saying that the nation’s federal courts are doing a better job of policing themselves which he called essential for the ability of the judicial branch to maintain its independence. Roberts also said that the judiciary’s power to manage its own internal affairs “insulates courts from inappropriate political influence and is crucial to preserving public trust in its work as a separate and co-equal branch of government.” https://nypost.com/2022/01/01/chief-justice-john-roberts-warns-against-inappropriate-political-influence-in-federal-courts/. Roberts must be delusional if he thinks what the courts are doing are “preserving public trust” since the same article in which he was quoted pointed out that the latest Gallup poll showed only a 40 percent approval by the public of the court’s performance, which is down 20 points from two decades ago and a new low for that survey. Roberts then went on to say that the federal courts need to do a better job at spotting potential conflicts that should require judges to take themselves off cases involving companies in which they or members of their families own stock. The article pointed out that a recent Wall Street Journal analysis found… Read More


Judges Who Lynch Peoples’ Fundamental Right to Fairness Should Wear White Robes and Pointed Hoods

Judges Who Lynch Peoples Fundamental Right to Fairness Should Wear White Robes and Pointed Hoods Brian Vukadinovich

For anybody who doubts the existence of corruption in the American justice system, even when it comes to a person’s freedom, I urge you to watch this very telling video of an actual hearing in a criminal court case in Utah where you will see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears the lying and falsification of the proceedings by the court officials. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrsuMLwH09A&t=473s. The case involves Luis Sanchez, a person claiming his innocence but stabbed in the back by his own lawyers from the Salt Lake Legal Defender Association who were upset that he (Sanchez) resisted their pressure to plead guilty without ever receiving or reviewing video evidence that police had in their possession regarding a traffic stop matter. The evidence was destroyed but Sanchez’s lawyers failed to bring it to the attention of the court.You will see in the video that the lawyers, prosecutor and judge conspired in conniving a situation to issue a warrant for Sanchez’s arrest for failure to appear even though the hearing was not scheduled for court for another 21 minutes by having his case called early. You will see in… Read More


The Federal Judiciary is an Affront to the Peoples’ Right to Justice

The Federal Judiciary is an Affront to the Peoples Right to JusticeBrian Vukadinovich

A very enlightening article recently came out by Gallup reporting that the peoples’ approval of the United States Supreme Court is down to 40%, a new low. https://news.gallup.com/poll/354908/approval-supreme-court-down-new-low.aspx. This is very troubling and people in our country should be concerned. The article pointed out that Americans’ opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court have worsened, with 40%, down from 49% in July. This represents a new low in Gallup’s trend which dates back to 2000. According to the article, Americans’ opinions of the Supreme Court are now the worst Gallup has measured in its polling of the Supreme Court over the past two-plus decades.The September survey also shows a steep decline over the past year in the percentage of Americans who express “a great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in the overall judicial branch of the federal government, from 67% in 2020 to 54% today. Yes, there are certain lightning rod issues that will spear opinions about the Supreme Court such as issues of abortion rights and gun laws and so forth, but there are other factors that come into play as well when Americans are expressing their confidence level… Read More