Corrupt Judge Jeffrey G. Bennett

Corrupt Ventura County California Judge Jeffrey G Bennett Must go to Jail

Judge Jeffrey G. Bennett is a Superior Court of Ventura County California Judge who was re-elected in 2014 for a term that expires in January of 2021

Judge Jeffrey G. Bennett ran for re-election to the Ventura County Superior Court.
As an unopposed incumbent, he was automatically re-elected without appearing on the ballot.

Judge Jeffrey G. Bennett earned his B.A. from California State University Sacramento and his J.D. from the Santa Barbara College of Law

Bennett is a judge for Superior Court of Ventura County California
Prior to joining the court in 2009, he was the chief deputy of the Ventura County District Attorney’s Special Prosecutions Division


A major crimes unit detective of the VCSO is an accessory to the sexual exploitation of two little girls. CPS documents were tampered with and Illegal search warrants were served.

Judge Jeffrey G. Bennett is running interference for the VCSO and the detective. Judge Jeffrey G. Bennett refused to allow the testimony of deputies at “trial”. To do so would have exposed the VCSO MCU, and the detective who was assisting the abuser of the children.

The MCU has had a key stroke tracker on a victims phone since may of 2020, after obtaining it through an illegal warrant using altered CPS documents. Documents were altered because the social worker called the victim from her recorded desk phone and told me the detective changed it.

Baby girls have been molested since they were 18 months old, and the VCSO MCU is involved.



Judge Jeffrey Bennett of Ventura, CA; ethical ogre

The state of California provided Jeffrey Bennett with a law license in 1988 after he graduated from the Santa Barbara College of Law.

FYI: Santa Barbara College of Law is a fourth-tier school that is in the business of taking in losers that couldn’t get accepted into ABA accredited mainstream law schools such as UC Davis, UCLA, UC Berkeley and/or the University of San Francisco.

It should be noted that Jeffrey has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough for the past thirty-one years after receiving his law license in 1989. Apparently,

The California Commission on Judicial Performance found Jeff guilty of the following misconduct.

Engaged in undignified, discourteous and offensive sexualized behavior and made improper comments to defendants, lawyers and courthouse staff over a period of eight years
Told African American in open court “stop shucking and jiving” when the defendant appeared before him
In case where defendant was charged with disturbing the peace and the DA asked for a stay-away order for the victim, Jeff said that was “a chicken-shit” position to have and that such charges wouldn’t be tolerated when he became the judge in the master calendar department
Repeatedly said he was “the only one in the courthouse with the balls to make a ruling”
While on the bench and wearing his judicial robe, told a personal story about driving a Rolls Royce, and said, “chicks really dug that car” and that “it had a big back seat, if you know what I mean”
Told attorneys in his court to see a specific dental hygienist because she was “a smoking hot 10” and that he would let her “do whatever she wanted” to him
While standing in courthouse hallway, told lawyers “I have the biggest balls in the courthouse”

All that remains now is to see what if any punishment is meted out to Jeff by the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Commission.

As we speak (ca. March 2020), Jeffrey G. Bennett continues to sit as a Ventura County Superior Court judge in Ventura, California.

“Judge Bennett has accepted this censure, taken full responsibility for his conduct, and is committed to improving as a judicial officer,” said Bennett’s attorneys in a statement. “He has always acted in the best interest of the Ventura County Superior Court and is looking forward to continuing to serve the public and the administration of justice.”

Recounted incidents of Judge Bennett’s adverse behavior included telling a black defendant to stop “shucking and jiving,” using profane words during court such as “fucking” and “shit,” referencing his “balls” and “ass” during court, making sexist remarks such as telling a man to [stop] spending so much time with his telescope if he had a ’20-year-old smoking hot wife, and making a remark about his “smoking hot 10” dental hygienist that “could do whatever she wanted” to him.

The commission itself said of these incidents that they “[degrade] the decorum of the court and [reflect] negatively on the judiciary.”

“Judge Bennett can be off the cuff like that. He has that kind of reputation on the bench,” noted law clerk Robin Sawyer, who works for a firm in Ventura County. “Every judge is different, but most have cool heads in my experience. Bennett could say things like that. I never heard anything too, too bad from him, but I know I heard him say the f word in court. And some of his comments I definitely heard second-hand.”

“The censure just validates all of this. Nothing what he said was legally wrong, but he did need to be reprimanded somehow. And that’s what a censure essentially is. It’s a public reprimand. It’s not removing them from office, but it’s like everyone else saying ‘What you’re doing is wrong, and we’re going to let the public know about this’. It’s a serious punishment, but he gets to keep his job.”

A California judge has been censured after commenting on “smoking hot” women, proclaiming that he had the “biggest balls in the courthouse” and making other inappropriate remarks.

Judge Jeffrey G. Bennett of Ventura County stipulated to the allegations and agreed to the reprimand, report and Law360.
The California Commission on Judicial Performance released its March 10 decision and reprimand order on Wednesday.

“Judge G. Bennett’s misconduct mostly involves saying things no judge should say—comments and remarks that are offensive, undignified, discourteous, dishonest, sexist, profane, and create the appearance of bias and retaliation,” the commission said.

In addition, Bennett’s comment to a black defendant “reflects a disregard for the racial overtones of such a remark and manifests insensitivity to individuals appearing in court before him,” the commission said.

Bennett had told the black defendant he should stop “shucking and jiving” after the defendant gave what Bennett believed to be evasive answers.

The commission also said that Bennett:

Said in front of a prosecutor that he was the “only one in the courthouse with the balls to make a ruling,” or words to that effect. He also told attorneys in a courthouse hallway something to the effect of: “I have the biggest balls in the courthouse. I’m probably the only judge who has the balls to admit when I’ve made the wrong decision.”

Said in a courtroom conversation that “chicks” really liked the Rolls-Royce he had washed for the owner and driven to a coffee shop. He also told a prosecutor and lawyer in chambers that he wouldn’t spend so much time with the telescope he installed on his roof if he had “a 20-year-old smoking hot blonde wife,” or words to that effect.

Told lawyers in his chambers that he prefers to take his flu shot “in the ass,” told a prosecutor in chambers that she was taking a “chicken shit position,” and told two prosecutors that another prosecutor handling a hearing before him was “dumb as shit.”

Told lawyers during a trial that he didn’t care about them, but he did care about jurors because they are voters.

Excluded evidence from the state attorney general’s office and told the prosecutor who objected, “You can tell [California Attorney General Xavier] Becerra that’s what he gets for going against my president,” or words to that effect.

Told a prosecutor after a hearing that she didn’t have to “act like a scared little girl in my courtroom.”

Told a prosecutor he wasn’t sure if he wanted to shake his hand because the judge believed the prosecutor was the source of a prior complaint to the judicial commission. Bennett falsely stated he spent $10,000 for his defense in the matter.

Used the words “f- – -ing” and “shit” in an in-chambers meeting with lawyers.

Judges are “expected to display appropriate demeanor and decorum, and not to use crass or sexist words and imagery, as Judge Bennett has done,” the commission said.

“For example, Judge Bennett’s references to his ‘balls’ and his ‘ass’ diminish the dignity of his office. His gratuitous comments about ‘chicks’ liking a car, and to not spending so much time with his telescope if he had a “20-year-old smoking hot wife,’ are sexist and unseemly. His use of profanity, such as ‘f- – -ing’ and ‘shit,’ degrades the decorum of the court and reflects negatively on the judiciary. …

“Finally, Judge Bennett’s pattern of undignified, discourteous, and offensive remarks to and about prosecutors not only creates the appearance of bias against them, but also undermines public perception of the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.”

The commission said Bennett’s acknowledgement of almost every ethics allegation was a significant mitigating factor. An aggravating factor was a prior advisory letter he received for making discourteous and undignified remarks.

The advisory letter concerned these remarks to a defendant: “He’s a dirtbag of the highest order … What’s kind of burning me up right now is the fact that he was paid more than I’m paid to sell cars, and then he stole money on top of it. How pathetic is that? You are really a piece of work.”

A California judge faces six counts of misconduct for engaging in “undignified, discourteous and offensive sexualized (or otherwise crude)” behavior and making improper comments to defendants, lawyers and courthouse staff over a period of eight years, according to the state’s judicial disciplinary commission.

In its Monday notice, the California Commission on Judicial Performance confirmed that it would move forward with formal proceedings against Judge Jeffrey Bennett of the Ventura County Superior Court. He was given 20 days to answer the charges against him and could face private admonishment up to removal from office, reports.

The commission’s complaint details incidents from 2010 to 2018, including one in 2015 in which an African American defendant appeared before Bennett with an outstanding warrant on a felony. When Bennett thought the defendant was evading his questions, he told him to stop “shucking and jiving,” the complaint said.

In another 2015 incident, Bennett presided over a case in which the defendant was charged with disturbing the peace. When the deputy district attorney asked for a stay-away order for the victim, the judge said that was “a chicken-shit position to have” and such charges wouldn’t be tolerated when he became the judge in the master calendar department, the complaint said. ORIGINAL STORY

First Name Jeffrey G.
Last Name Bennett
Title Judge
Inquiry No. 206
Court Level Superior Court
County/Appellate District Ventura
Discipline/Determination Censure
Decision By Commission
Date of Decision 03/25/2020
Method of Resolution Stipulation
Types of Misconduct Bias/Appearance of Bias Toward a Particular Class
Bias/appearance of bias not directed toward a particular class
Disqualification/disclosure/post-disqualification conduct
Petition For Review
Judge Bennett was disciplined for crude, dishonest, sexist, and profane remarks, some of which created the appearance of bias and retaliation. The comments included remarks to an African American defendant about “shucking and jiving,” references to his “balls” and his “ass,” commenting about “chicks” liking a car and about not spending so much time with his telescope if he had a “20-year-old smoking hot wife,” and other remarks that included profanity. Judge Bennett made statements to an attorney that were false and appeared to retaliate against the attorney for (perceived) participation in a prior commission investigation. Judge Bennett also improperly commented about peremptory challenges. Judge Bennett engaged in a pattern of undignified and discourteous comments to prosecutors that created an appearance of bias against them. Judge Bennett’s misconduct was aggravated by prior discipline for similar misconduct. Judge Bennett’s misconduct was mitigated by acknowledging his misconduct and stipulating to a resolution of the matter.

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