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Locking Folks Up Without Due Process? California Sure Does

stop allowing one form public loses all control by one doctor signing you away

Can you imagine you wake up one day and everything you own, worked for and possess is now owned by the state and can be sold off to pay lawyers, bribed judges and dishonest parties like your own family by ONE DOCTOR? By Janet Phelan It’s official. The right to due process is now superseded by a form That’s right. California can strip you of your right to free movement, your right of association and most of your freedoms should a doctor see fit to check number 14 k on this form. No more messy 5150 holds, no more civil commitments or court oversight. No unpleasant guardianship proceedings with even more unpleasant family members. Just some doc in an office wielding a pen. Seriously. The form is LIC 602 A and is reproduced here https://www.cdss.ca.gov/cdssweb/entres/forms/english/lic602a.pdf California has made some efforts to provide legal proceedings and protections for those whose competency is questioned. There are 72-hour holds, which can be extended through legal means. There are conservatorships, which have received some media scrutiny of late and may be rife with further abuses, including documented concerns that probate court judges are violating… Read More


Rosie Sifuentez Court Victim

Save Rosie from being KILLED from neglect by the Fresno Public Guardian! Free my mother, Rosie Sifuentez, from conservatorship by the Fresno Public Guardian’s Office. Restore her basic “human rights” to be properly cared for and “personal rights” including—but not limited to—the rights to receive visitors, telephone calls, and personal mail. The Fresno Public Guardian was granted conservatorship of my mother (person only) on October 26, 2021. However, they have been negligent in carrying out their duties to follow the most basic guidelines of The Judicial Council’s Handbook for Conservators to ensure that the proper care and the needs of my mother are met. My mother, Rosie, urgently needs to be removed from her home, away from the abusive and neglectful caretakers, Samuel Esqueda (son), Irene Sanchez (daughter) and Raymond Esqueda (grandson), who live with her. She is 80 years old, suffers from dementia, is battling kidney cancer, and has other health issues. The Public Guardian’s Office has violated my mother’s rights and diminished her dignity as a “human being” by allowing her caretakers to place her on the couch or bed to sit, rot away and die while watching… Read More


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