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Vote no or live under a corrupt judicial system Governor Gavin Newsom did not support Los Angeles California Dr Richard I Fine bill amend SBX 2 11 to hold judges accountable

CALIFORNIA VOTERS GUIDE TO STOP JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ON 11/8/2022 THIS IS YOUR ONLY OPPORTUNITY TO DIRECTLY END CALIFORNIA’S JUDICIAL CORRUPTION. VOTE “NO” TO EVERY CALIFORNIA SUPREME COURT AND COURT OF APPEAL JUSTICE SEEKING RE-ELECTION. VOTE AGAINST EVERY CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE SEEKING RE-ELECTION IN EVERY COUNTY VOTE AGAINST THE GOVERNOR AND EVERY INCUMBANT LEGISLATOR SEEKING RE-ELECTION. Richard I. Fine, Doctor of Law, Ph.D. Law (International Law), Chmn. Campaign for Judicial Integrity; Co Chmn. Judicial Reform Comm., DivorceCorp. explains: “Since the mid 1980s, California counties and Superior Courts have paid approximately 90% of the California Superior Court judges “supplemental or local judicial benefits” in addition to the judges State compensation. These payments are over $400 million. The Superior Court judges receiving the payments became California Court of Appeal and California Supreme Court justices corrupting the entire California judicial system.” Fine continued: “In 2008 the California Courts held the payments violated Article 6, Section 19 of the California Constitution. The judges responded by hiring a lobbyist who engineered the enactment of SBX 2 11. SBX 211 made the payments temporally legal and gave California retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution, civil liability and… Read More

Orit Mizrachi Court Victim

A conservatorship has drained $1 million of my mother’s life savings, and no one can stop it. A court-appointed conservatorship in Santa Clara County has eaten up much of the money my parents saved over a lifetime for their retirement. The current system is taking away people’s rights, and our lives have been ruined in the process. By Anonymous In early 2020, Britney Spears posted a TikTok video that concerned her fans, and the #FreeBritney movement soon went viral. A petition seeking a congressional investigation into Britney’s conservatorship received hundreds of thousands of signatures, and news outlets nationwide reported on her plight. Eventually, she was released from her conservatorship. This was the first introduction much of the public had to conservatorships. But many of us with elderly parents or other vulnerable family members are in a battle with conservatorships that we feel leave them without agency in their own care and finances, for years on end. We have watched helplessly as our loved ones’ assets and savings accounts have been consumed by legal fees, with little accountability. And unlike Britney, they have no voice, and no one is on TikTok… Read More


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