The Civil Grand Jury investigation into the Santa Clara Count public guardian

The Civil Grand Jury investigation into the public guardian, like all civil grand jury investigations in California is coordinated between the Presiding Judge and the County Executive, and records, on county end are maintained by clerk of the board of supervisors. The final report to the Civil Grand Jury investigation is published here: The presiding judge in 2014, was the “Honorable” judge Brian Walsh. Captain Ricardo Urena, head of court security reported directly to the presiding judge, who also, pursuant to the California Rules of Court, oversees all the court cases for each department and assigns each of the judges. It was Sheriff Captain Riccardo Urena, who reviewed and authorized Detective David Carroll’s false police report which led to my false arrest on September 16th, 2014. One week before Donald Moody was escorted from premises for reasons tied to same Grand Jury investigation. In Detective David Carrolls false report, he deliberately evaded references to the Public Guardian and corresponding civil grand jury investigation & also, the whistleblower complaint that was filed with the County Executive Office. Records prove that the the public defenders office and Detective David Carroll knew… Read More