The Victims the state of California does not want you to know about

Who judges the judges while government ignores victims These are only a fraction of news articles that 100% exposed the problem of Probate courts but sadly they leave it to the same corrupt criminals when it comes to “REFORM” which always is more FAKE paid jobs for more connected criminals to pretend to oversee and hold accountable the judges, Fiduciaries and lawyers. All lies and failed promised for decades Conservatorship and Guardianship Abuse articles Thank you Citizens Public Safety corruptionmaps THINK IT’S JUST A FEW VICTIMS? THINK LAW, BILLS, CODES, STATUTES protect victims? THINK Government is about protecting victims or the criminals? A FEW OF THOUSANDS IN JUST CALIFORNIA Bishop, Delores Zerada, Castle, Charlie, Carr, Inez America Cohen, Michelle Cook, Reta Copley, Marion Deaton, James Deaton Dell, Francis Edelman, Mary Fairfield, Florry Ferarri, Helen, Frerichs, Elinor Gettinger, Gertrude Golin, Nancy Greene, Clay Guinn, June Henson, Helen, Hererra, Theresa Hoblyn , John Figg, Infererra, Pearl Jones, Helen Klaiber, Sylvia Klublikin, Tanya Lamborn, Jaimie Larabee, Thelma Ledingham, Jeanne Mandell, Peter, Mackay,Joan, Mushet, Dorothy Olivera, Guadalupe Postier, Ruth Price, Stevie Reed, Danny Riordan, Gisele and Rosen, Patricia, Rosenkrant, Stewart Sarhan, Yvonne Shelton, Charlotte Tanaka,… Read More

Arizona Supreme Court Disciplinary Judge William J. O’Neil’s Oath of Office Proves Fake

Arizona Supreme Court Disciplinary Judge William J. O’Neil’s Oath of Office Proves Fake Salary and pension of Arizona Supreme Court Disciplinary Judge William J. O’Neil at jeopardy of being stopped? Clip Artist Films obtained a legally served document copy by process server against the Arizona State Personnel Board, dated April 5, 2021. The document entitled as a “Demand Letter”, requested to stop all salary and pension paid to O’Neil. Star Moffatt and investigative journalist with Moffatt Media researched, compiled and carefully preserved the documents proving O’Neil is in actuality an unconstitutionally seated judge due to lack of a valid Oath of Office, which proves fraudulent. Importantly, the letter legally served upon the Arizona Personnel Board asks for a referral of O’Neil to law enforcement for criminal prosecution alleging he’s impersonating a judicial official. Moffatt was able to produce a 2017 forensic analysis submitted by Marcel B. Matley, Document and Handwriting Expert, that proves O’Neil’s Oath of Office is a fake-fraudulent document according to A.R.S. 38-231. Matley’s willing to testify in a court of law, stating he would “prepare appropriate court exhibits by which to illustrate and explain my observations, opinions… Read More