Book Motion for Justice I Rest My Case By Brian Vukadinovich

Book Motion for Justice I rest my case author brian vukadinovich educator speaker

Book Motion for Justice I Rest My Case By Brian Vukadinovich Rich in information, Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case shares Brian Vukadinovich’s experiences and intimate knowledge of governmental and judicial corruption and what went on behind the scenes in Indiana for years in efforts to take away his freedom and livelihood as a teacher. Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case, in a straightforward, no-holds-barred style, will open your eyes to government and judicial corruption that you have never before heard or seen the likes of. Brian Vukadinovich minces no words when he writes about his journey for justice, calling out high-level state and federal officials, including state and federal judges, for undermining Vukadinovich’s efforts in exposing government corruption. Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case will show how law enforcement agencies in Indiana conspired to take his freedom away from him by falsely arresting and vindictively prosecuting him on numerous occasions and how Brian Vukadinovich successfully took on the corrupt police in many of the cases representing himself and successfully arguing for dismissal of the bogus charges. In Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case, you will read how John Bolton, as assistant attorney general of the U.S. Department of Justice at the time, and former national security adviser to President Trump, turned a blind eye to significant evidence of police-corruption activities against Brian Vukadinovich. Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case will show how numerous lawyers teamed up in efforts to have Brian Vukadinovich fired from teaching jobs and how he took on the corrupt lawyers and won two federal lawsuits, including a five-day jury trial in March 2016, when he represented himself and convinced a federal jury that the corporation violated his due process rights… Read More



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GET YOUR ABUSE LISTED NOW, DON’T LET THE JUDGES HIDE THEIR CRIMES You can make a difference, share this post by using the share options. Make sure your Judicial Abuse case gets listed by County and State. List your info anonymously or in detail so fellow victims and activists and help network you with the other nationwide court victims. CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR CASE NOW Join the Community of COURT VICTIMS HERE NOW It’s a fact that judges hide bribery, fraud, denial of due process and fraud upon the court in every city and state in America. Los Angeles Dr. Richard I. Fine proved that over 90% of California judges are accepting bribes to not rule in favor. The government and law enforcement do nothing to protect the public. The FBI and DOJ ignore millions of victims every year to allow the judges and lawyers to profit from the lack of accountability and prosecution. Check out Reuters Investigative story on how judges are never prosecuted “Absolute Power Corrupts absolutely” SEE THE TEFLON ROBE by Reuters Check out HOW EASY IT IS TO BRIBE A JUDGE & HOW TO RESEARCH A JUDGES FINANCES   Read More