The Britney Spears Case A Window on Judicial Corruption

One of the most notorious dishonorable and corrupt judges in Los Angeles County Probate Judge Reva G. Goetz stated “I think she can get married. I don’t think we ever removed that right from her. But you might not want to tell her that!”Ingham seemed to “laugh along and agree.” Samuel Ingham her lawyer whose made millions off Spears for years doing what accounts to legally (because it’s done in a court) but ethically (Illegally) transferring Britney Spears hard earned savings to his own estate. Ask Ingham’s other Probate Victim Ernest Moore about Inghams methods, or Kerri Casem who only had a fraction of Spears networth. Welcome to the legal Scam and Fraud known as Conservatorship/Guardianship that big law firms and the ABA don’t want outsiders to know about. Legal stealing by lawyers,judge approved. VIEW FROM HERE-California’s most secretive and most corrupt institution is its judiciary. Britney Spears is subject to a conservatorship under the Probate Department of Los Angeles County Superior Court. The state court is corrupt, from its Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye at its tippy top down to the court clerks. Those who do not go along… Read More

Mariposa California Corruption The Jerry Cox Story how stealing land in court is made legal

THE MARIPOSA COUNTY CORRUPTION CASE OF JERRY COX Help this good man fight to get his home back! False accuser, Ashley K. Harris, “CRIES WOLF” and says that she was “KIDNAPPED ” at this Cabin in the Woods in Mariposa County California for 3 days and RAPED! Where Ashley resides, a female judge, in San Luis Obispo Superior Court sees thru her web of lies, CASE DISMISSED! Back in Mariposa County, the innocent accused man, Jerry Cox, had to pay $500,000 bail, and $100,000+ in attorney fees to bring justice to the surface against 15 felonies on phoney rape and kidnapping charges and now is on the brink of loosing everything! How ? Mariposa County Officials retaliate by manipulating their backwoods court to sell his home, business, and life savings for the sole purposes to remove him out of their community in reach for their personal and financial gains. Prior to paying a $500,000 bail, Jerry Cox was arrested and behind bars for 30 days on these false “KIDNAPPING and RAPE charges! This is when the Mariposa Sheriff’s Department came out to his home and “SHOT” in cold blood his… Read More