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Court-Gate…the Courts “Divorced from the Law”: Without Liberty or Justice at all

2022 Book Divorced from the law

 Court-Gate….the Courts “Divorced from the Law” on FREE ebook promo at Amazon Saturday March 12, 2022 Can be read on computer, phone device, or Kindle What happens when there’s a “tale of too much corruption” and the judiciary doesn’t apply the law? departs from law?… doesn’t comply with the law?…..abandons the Constitution and law?….inserts their own law?….This true memoir reports the experiences of an unsuspecting woman who encountered court cases where the judiciary was “divorced from the law”. After the court system “asset-stripped” this woman and “perfected injustice”, the court ordered-away and canceled-outher Constitutional Rights to silence her and censor her cases plagued with fraud and “cover-ups” by “gatekeeping” her court-access, amounting to nothing less than a “judicial-hit-job.” The book is intended to inform and educate the public, and “sound an alarm” to prompt positive reform. Read More

Wayne Faulk Court Victim

Clackamas County Oregon Probate victim wayne faulk abused by Fiduciart Ann Yela

Steve Duin: The curious disappearance of Wayne Faulk Other Victims of Ana Yela Susan King Abusers Ann Yela Fiduciary As the snow piled up last week and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler begged us to be vigilant about our most vulnerable neighbors, people began calling me about Wayne Faulk. He is a gentle 72-year-old, ferociously attached to the 40-acre Oregon City farm where he has lived most of his life. In the years since his parents died, he has made almost daily two-mile walks from that farm to the Redland Store, often picking up cans so he can afford soda pop or a packet of lunchmeat. But after Kenneth Stewart, a Clackamas County circuit judge pro tem, assigned him a limited guardian and conservator in October, Faulk vanished from that daily routine. Because Faulk has for years expressed so much anxiety about leaving the farm, many of his friends and neighbors were frantic. When someone spotted him at the Best Western Rivershore Hotel in Oregon City, 10 people showed up just before Thanksgiving, hoping to talk to Faulk and his caregivers. That didn’t sit well with Ann Yela, the new guardian…. Read More