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Francesca Hilton has requested that a Los Angeles judge intervene in the ailing 95-year-old’s finances and medical care.

The state of legendary actress Zsa Zsa Gabor’s finances and medical care are being called into question as her daughter has filed for conservatorship.

After a long and public feud with Gabor’s ninth husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, Francesca Hilton is requesting that a judge appoint a conservator for her mother. CNN reports that Los Angeles County Superior Judge Reva Goetz, the same judge who oversees Britney Spears’ conservatorship, has filed a hearing for May 2.
Hilton claims that von Anhalt is keeping Gabor “increasingly isolated” and “heavily sedated.”

“What Ms. Hilton is seeking here is for the court to make sure that Zsa Zsa’s best interests are not being sacrificed for the selfish interests of anyone in Zsa’s life,” said Hilton’s Lawyer Kenneth Kossoff. “Having just learned that [von Anhalt] took out a $700,000 loan, and that there was a notice of default recorded against the property in late February 2012 because he apparently has not been paying Zsa Zsa’s mortgage payment, it became clear to Francesca that if she did not seek to protect her mother, no one else would.”

Though he had not yet seen the court filing, von Anhalt’s lawyer, Edward Lee, fired back: “Anything that’s contesting Frederic’s devotion to his wife or his ability to take care of his wife is ridiculous.”

Von Anhalt, 68, called a press conference in his home on Tuesday, in which he told reporters that Gabor “doesn’t complain” and is “in a good condition.”

“She feels good,” he said. “We are right now going through a very hard time, my wife and me. We have to sell our property in order to pay our debts. My wife has $6 million in debts.”

As for the loan in question, von Anhalt claims that the money was needed to pay Gabor’s medical bills and catch up on missed mortgage payments. He denies that their home is in foreclosure.

The 95-year-old has been in and out of the hospital over the past two years, after a broken hip and amputated leg had left her bedridden. Von Anhalt, 27 years her junior, wed the actress more than 25 years ago.

Von Anhalt has responded by claiming that Constance is just interested in money.
He said: ‘It’s probably her last card she’s playing now. It’s all about money. She’s afraid, her mother passing away eventually, and there’s nothing.’
He said he welcomed the court scrutiny of Gabor’s care. ‘I want the court to come and see what’s going on,’ he said. ‘I want the court to see how comfortable my wife is.’

A news release issued before the filing stated that Hilton has been waiting for a year for financial and medical information about her mother that husband von Anhalt has refused to disclose.


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