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Ernest L. Moore Court Victim

Currently Ernest Moore is fighting a similar conservatorship battle alone Pro Per at the Los Angeles Superior Court Stanley Mosk courthouse. Moore was victimized by Judge Aviva K. Bobb and Samuel D. Ingham.

Ernest L. Moore
is a Victim of the well known corrupt Los Angeles Superior court Probate division.
If you’ve been violated by the same judge, lawyer or agency please contact us via the form below
Mr. Moore has created the Justice Channel to expose the wrongs

Los Angeles Superior Court Probate
111 North Hill street LA Central Division
Department 11

Mr. Moore has been victimized by the following judges:
Judge Barbara R. Johnson
Judge Lesile Green
Judge Michael Lavanas
Judge Reva G. Goetz
Judge Aviva K. Bobb

Samuel D.Ingham was the PVP court-appointed so-called attorney for my mother when judge Michael I Levanas appointed Jeffery Siegel as the Trustee of my mother’s Living Trust!

They allowed my sister to force my mother into conservatorship in Georgia right as I got them removed as Trustees for looting her estate in Los Angeles back in 2015!

My mother did not want to live in Georgia!! She called me & my son several times begging us to return her to LA!! My mother died in Georgia in 2017 around suspicious circumstances!! She did not receive proper medical care and was neglected there in Georgia!!

Ingham lied to the Georgia probate court and agreed that my brother and sister were in “good standing” in Los Angeles and “it was in the best interest of my mother to move her to Georgia”!

He knew my sister and brother had reported to the Georgia probate court that my mother was poor and just had the clothes on her back.
She had a multi-million dollar estate.Ingham also allowed my sister to steal all of the money from my mother’s house in Inglewood that was foreclosed on during the time I got them removed as co-trustees!! The mortgage company (Fanny Mae) foreclosed on her house because they found out that my mother was living in Georgia!
My brother & sister had taken out a reverse mortgage on my mother’s house years before illegally and did not report it to the court!! Ingham did not mention any of this to the Georgia Probate court. Ingham did nothing to stop this foreclosure & embezzlement even though I had filed in court to stop it!
Ingham was the court-appointed lawyer for my mother, he never interviewed her or did anything to recover all of the stolen funds and properties that were looted by my brother and sister!!

I have attached one document that Ingham filed in the Georgia Probate court that will paint the entire picture of Samuel D. Ingham!

Response from supervising judge dept Eric C. Taylor


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