K.Tawny Gage Court Victim

Probate Predator Los Angeles County Judge Deborah Chrisitian abuses bench to steal from Tawny Gage the sole child

My father Carl M. Gage was an unmarried man, living alone at time of death on March 24, 2007. I am his only child. When he died, his friends had found him.

Corrupt Judge Deborah L, Christian

They called another friend, Karen Roper, who was not related by blood or marriage, which is illegal according to California’s next of kin laws. I was advised two days after he was found, by his ex girlfriend from 17 years before his death. The first thing she said was your father died, without any feeling whatsoever. Then she told me that he disinherited me and she was the sole beneficiary and executor, implying that she had a will. I asked to see the documents and she said “No”. I asked again by text, voicemail and email. No reply. She also refused to tell me where his body was and said that I had no right to his body. So, I took my court stamped will, making me sole beneficiary and executor and went to his house. I found that all of his valuables were missing. His phone, computers, files, cars, jewelry, instruments and all keys plus his sage deposit keys. I notified his ex, Karen Roper of Thousand Oaks via email that she show me the documents that gave her authority or return his valuables at once. Instead she came and called the police and reported me for trespassing and breaking and entering and removing items from his house. She did not bring the documents with her. She told the police that I was psychotic, estranged from my father, a drug addict and went there to steal from him as soon as she told me he died. She claimed she was afraid of me and I was violent. The police came and treated me like a piece of trash. I’ve never been arrested or questioned by police before that day. They allowed her to go home to get the documents which was a 5 minute drive. She was gone for over 90 minutes while the police held me at his house, ran my license, searched me, my purse and my car. When Karen finally returned she said that she had just been on the phone with her lawyer and that I was not allowed to see the documents for 60 days. This of course was not true. I was told to leave and not come back with threat of arrest. They also confiscated my court stamped, witnessed and notarized will, saying that it was dated before Karen’s will and was no longer valid.

They would not show me the papers but one officer accidentally said “she is the beneficiary. Tawny you are the beneficiary but still would not let me see the paperwork. Days later she had his body cremated without ever showing me her paperwork giving her authority. I have the coroner’s report that said that the police called in by phone that they saw paperwork showing Karen Roper as next of kin. The coroner had no documentation. Just the word of the officer. The same officer who screamed in my face “I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your father did not care about you!” Though my picture was in every room of his house.

There were three pictures of me next to his chair that I was sitting in while they interrogated me. The law meant nothing to them. I sat in my car crying and 15 minutes later the police came out of my fathers house after their “business” with Karen Roper. I later asked for the police reports in the freedom of information act and was refused by the Simi police dept and refused by city hall, the asst. City attorney, the city attorney and the mayor of Simi Valley who I sent certified letters showing that the police and asst attorney said that i was not next of kin and they had documents that showed someone else was next of kin and that no, I was not allowed to see the documentation.

60 days later I received a trust directly from her attorney, Pierre J. Rodnunsky of Rodnusky and associates in Woodland Hills, Ca. The trust read that I was 50% beneficiary and Karen was 50% beneficiary. There were no witnesses on the trust and only a notary stamp by Ms. Waldron of documents and more in Simi Valley. I think that is important that Karen had an attorney 2 days after his death. Pierre sent me a letter that he was hired by the trustee to administrate the trust. The trust specifies that the trustee cannot delegate the administration of the trust. Title 3 of California probate law says that the court may not choose an administrator and that only the trustor has a right to decide who the administrator or trustee is. They are one in the same.

Pierre told me that I was to only contact his office and not to contact the trustee. Probate Law says that only the trustee must give the trust to the beneficiary immediately after being asked. They have 60 days to find an unknown beneficiary. She clearly had my contact info and address, and refused to give me a copy when I asked or when she saw me in person.

She began a smear campaign against me to all my fathers side of the family and all of his friends, so no one would believe me or even listen to me, much less help me. I had a stroke from a hereditary condition a few years before and my father was my custodian for my disability. Karen convinced him that she would take care of paying my bills and had illegally set up an joint account with her and my father to transfer my disability to (illegal) this joint account with survivor rights and my name or SSN no where on the account. I assume she was claiming me as a dependent to cheat on her taxes, but who knows. She advised me she would pay my bills until I found someone else to do it. I went to the disability office and showed my dad’s death certificate. When they went to withdraw my last payment so I could pay my bills, Karen had already transferred the money to her joint account. I explained that she was not related to me and no right to transfer my money into another account showing my bills paid by her from her account. I had no rights to any statements. I told her that if she didn’t return the funds to my custodial account that social security would begin a criminal investigation. Instead she transferred money to my personal account. When I asked for my statements showing that my bills were paid from her account after my disability was transferred, she gave my request to her lawyers. They held my personal banking statements for 5 months before they sent them directly from the attorney on email in an attachment. All illegal. I hired an attorney, Justin Gold to retrieve my statements and he gave my case to Julie Berkus who assisted Pierre and Connie Lee, his paralegal who was my only contact with her plainly illegal and cruel treatment of me.

Ignoring all of my rights. She lied and Justin supported her illegal and false protection giving to me. The worst of her actions was to advise me to sign a parent/child transfer of his home, though they already said that the house was in the trust. They lied about all the assets being under the trust and filed a heggstadt order to make all the accounts they lied about for 6 months part of the trust. They also completed a small estate form to put a non trust account into the trust. All very illegal and the bank allowed it. More bribes?

Connie Lee had fun tormenting me by deliberately denying me every right of a beneficiary just to anger and distract me. She sent letters lying about the trust assets, asking me what I wanted without giving me an inventory and took great joy in telling me that the trustee was giving my family heirlooms and every thing I asked for to non-beneficiaries of her choice. That she had a right to do so. Everything they told would be given to me showed as being given to Karen Roper in the accounting.

A realtor named Debbie Berquist in Westlake, Ca, a personal friend of Karen’s for 20 years, created false comps and a false appraisal dated 6 months after death. They sold the condo worth over 500,000.00 for 470,000.00 without ever showing the property on the golf course after a purchase for 490,000.00 “fell out of escrow” to a person in Westlake Village. The purchase was sold “as is” but never had an inspection or a second appraisal. I must also add that two months after death they told me it was worth 500,000.00 and refused to sell it to me at that price. The appraisal by Debbie Berquist was 469,000.00.

The trustee, Karen Roper is responsible for the protection of the assets and that the assets are making money. She went through the house piece by piece and took what she wanted. They would not allow me to go through her left over items in the house and instead told me that I take everything she left or get nothing. I was denied by Connie Lee and her boss the chance to pack the items myself, get rid of trash or hire a moving company myself. The trust is responsible for getting the distribution to me and must be signed for. They had so much joy in denying me the same rights as the other 50% beneficiary, denying me an inventory and forcing me to pay for the attorney hired professional packers and delivery to a storage facility at my expense that coat me $400.00 a month on a disability income that did not cover my living expenses. It was that or get nothing of my fathers. They advised me that the cost would be no more than 4000.00 for the movers and that it would come out of my half of the trust. (Illegal) I was charged 5800.00 with a 900.00 fee for a trip to the dump. They charge 80.00 per ton at the dump.

They never said what 11 and a quarter tons of items they dumped bit saying that I got everything in the house. After Karen went through the house for six months and Connie Lee and Pierre and his office all has access to without the trustees supervision. (Illegal) the trustee was not there when the 8 movers were packing and filling the two 26 foot trucks over 2 days. Instead Connie Lee and Gabrielle of Radnunsky and assoc. were paid for two long days of supervision.

The awful and unnecessary cruelty of things they did are numerous and all on emails during the year of administration. Karen also enjoyed denying me every right knowing that I could do nothing as she paid off the judges, lawyers, notary and police. Karen has 5 times the money my father did and is willing to give it all away rather than allow me to have it. She enjoys the control and having me hire lawyers that she knows will concede with her illegal acts and deny me my rights. Spending my savings that I need to survive and most of my 401k that cost me outrageous taxes. She knew that I had to access that and lead me along a trail of disappointment, injustice, smear campaigns and theft. She will not even allow me my fathers ashes as it is clear that she hated him by denying me what he left me, so keeping them from me is a punishment to both of us. She is bitter and a woman scorned by my fathers decision to leave her 17 Yeats prior to his death. She never let him live his life and inserted herself into every relationship he had and usually caused them to break up. She refused to allow him to happy and stayed close to convince him that she was the only honest and trustworthy person he knew and proceeded to instigate arguments with me and with his girlfriends while she laughed evetytime they broke up or she caused him to be angry with me. Constantly gossiping and gloating about how he couldn’t find anyone and making up stories about me to vilify me long before his death to their mutual friends and his new friends. He refused to believe that she did not have his best interests at heart though his friends and I told him.

After a year of being tortured by her crew of dishonest attorneys willing and paid to do her dirty work illegally and receiving nothing that was due to be administered to me I hired another lawyer, Pete Grossman to get an accounting. My only contact being Radnunsky and assoc, he contacted him for an accounting due every year by law. He refused to account saying that the trust says that trustee doesn’t have to account to the beneficiary, knowing that the law states that trustees must account annually and at the end of the trust. We filed a demand for accounting. Pete Grossman told me that even if the judge grants the request, he cannot force them to account. I told him he was lying and repeated the law that says the trustee must account regardless of the wording of the trust. We got an accounting 30 days late and it was atrocious. There was not a complete inventory and there was no values on any of the inventory and no current market value as required by law. They also had fun by naming the accounting titled “The first and last accounting of Carl Gage trust. ”

There was no interest on almost million dollars as Karen had the interest transferred to a separate account that she did not list. The real estate papers showed that $45,000.00 was paid to Pierre Radnusky as an escrow expense. She commingled her assets and the trust assets which is illegal because there is no way to verify all trust funds. She listed every expense that is denied by law to add extra stress and frustration to me. There was gold bouillon said to be valued at face value of 100.00 per coins purchased in 1999 and 166 coins in all. The fact that they stated in a court document that a respectable commodities appraiser stated that gold has not fluctuated in value for 20 years is all but absurd. This is the nonsense that they enjoyed listing and getting away with it.

After four years without any distribution from the trust and all of my motions, petitions and request for disbursement for less than half of my reported half that was no where near the correct amount, were all denied without a hearing. Every request for a continuance was denied. All at the trustees and illegally acting attorneys and the judges amusement. While lawyers I hired me billed me illegally and excessively for 5 page letters lying about the law.

The attorney had billed over 74,000.00 in administration fees as well as putting 17k for attorney fees due from the total. Karen also took the max amount of trustee fees though she did not administrate the trust. Again the trustee and administrator are one in the same. They gave no selling price of the vehicles only what they sold for. Connie Lee told me in an email that the value of the vehicles are ultimately what they sell for. When I told her how ridiculous that was as the vehicles could be valued at one price and sold for any price. Karen made sure to put, “I gave it to the first buyer at the first offer he gave that was less than the sell price. ” They literally had no fear of documenting their illegal acts and denying me my rights because they know that the judge allows anything they do. It doesn’t matter. The judges ignore the law on behalf of the thieving lawyers and trustees and refuses to allow you to speak. Usually they respond with tell the bar association if you have a complaint or proof of illegal acts by the lawyer. The bar association does not acknowledge any complaints with proof of laws purposely ignored with pleasure or theft of a trust. They do not acknowledge any complaints about judges. Nor does the judicial council. The states attorney claims that they have no authority over Judge’s or their rulings. The district attorney does not acknowledge complaints or investigates. The media will not publish the hundreds of requests by victims of the court. The mayor and district attorney ignore laws broken by the police and denies your right to the governments freedom of information act.

I filed a motion to disqualify Radnusky and assoc. And trustee Karen Roper for fraud on the court, attorney as witness and acting as the administrator and only contact and also refusing to account to orchestrate a lengthy litigation, theft of non-trust assets, lying about trust assets, not reporting interest made on the trust, etc… My motion was denied without a hearing by the judge. I listed every law and included exhibits of then breaking the laws of California.

I submitted a request for the judge to reconsider my motion that was denied without a hearing. I prepared the paperwork to file an appeal but was prohibited from filing the appeal. Though I knew it was going to be denied by the judge because it was in the same corrupt court. They won’t allow you to get to the Supreme Court.

After paying corrupt lawyers to protect me from a corrupt and cruel trustee and her corrupt and cruel attorneys draining my trust for four years that was used to prepare for trial, the judge ordered a mandatory distribution on a completely illegal and incomplete accounting. I was forced into court because the trustees lawyer Pierre Rodnunsky refused to account. He was the administrator and my only contact, he refused to let me speak to the trustee for the entire administration, and forced me into court by his refusal then he represented the trustee in court.

This of course is illegal as well as the trust demanded that the trustee NOT delegate administration.
I had a stroke and had a letter from my neurologist as to why I missed the mandatory distribution. The judge held me in contempt of court and demanded I appear in court. She said that she didn’t want to see the letter because she already knew it was not specific enough.

She ultimately read the letter and though my doctor asked her to call for any clarifications, the trustees lawyers said there is no way to verify the authenticity. I told the judge that she could call my doctor and she said, “I won’t be doing that!” Radnusky and assoc had 2 lawyers and the criminal paralegal who orchestrated much of the farce for her boss as well as the trustee who came to testify against me to ensure jail time for me. The judges final decision was that I no longer had the right to object to the accounting. Which was ridiculous because she already denied all of my objections in a previous motion, without a hearing and prohibited me from filing a appeal. She discussed that the appeal was never finished (by her orchestration) then a moment later said ” let me make this clear, you NEVER filed a motion in this court.”

Funny, I have the court stamped motion and a request to reconsider both being denied by her in a handwritten and signed denial for both with no hearing. So, the trustee has free license to steal and she will not give me anything as she was an ex from 17 yrs prior to my fathers death, who paid the simi police to not contact me, his only child and notified me two days after his death and had the same cops come and threaten me with arrest if I did not leave the property. She is not related by blood or marriage and when I went there all of his valuables were removed from the house. She cremated him 2 months before she showed me the documentation showing she she had the right to do so. No lawyer would help me and they only supported the opposing lawyer while they sucked me dry of my life savings while the judge spent four years getting paid to cause a gross injustice. A crime. A felony.

Judge: Deborah Christian
Attorneys that committed fraud: Radnusky and assoc., Justin Gold, Julie Berkus, David Esquibas, Peter Grossman and Legacy Lawyers. All took excessive billing from me and all lied on emails and letters about the laws and about the trustees rights while convincing me I had no rights, as the law is written. Grossman said there was nothing wrong with the accounting. When I learned the law , I found almost a hundred illegal acts and theft of non trust accounts. He refused to compel anything and threatened to quit unless I agreed to mediation. The lies these attorneys told are documented and submitted to the judge. Which she chose to do nothing about because she was getting her cut. It is despicable. However it takes a bitter, greedy and criminal trustee, Karen M. Roper of thousand oaks, a bribed notary from Documents and more in Simi named Msm Walgren, a realtor that will break the law for her cut to commit real estate fraud named Debbie Berquist of Westlake and corrupt police and a corrupt city hall that both refused to honor the government law for freedom of information act to assist a corrupt judge and trust attorneys. But if the trustee was honest, she wouldn’t have needed a crooked attorney.
It not only proves her hatred of the trustor by not being sure his money is not wasted and follows his wishes. She did not need or care if she received it all, she just wanted to be sure that I suffered the emotional trauma, stress and effects on my health and recovery by having complete control of my fathers estate by breaking every law they could just to make me suffer and lie about me being greedy and not caring about my fathers death, only what he left me.

Below is my motion submitted to the court and denied but later told that I never filed a motion.
Los Angeles County Superior Court Corrupt Judge Deborah Christian robed heir Tawney Gage of her father Carl M Gage inhreitance

Corrupt Los Angeles County California Judge Deborah L Christian


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