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Maricopa County Helga Barker Court Victim The DOJ Civil Rights Division phone number is disconnected & my sweet Mom, Helga Barker is being DOSED TO DEATH NOW WITH MORPHINE! It’s FUCKING VICIOUS and EVIL with NO RECOURSE! My brothers could take her out, but NOOOOO! They do not know where to begin or what to do, so poor Helga CANNOT BE SAVED and all the authorities are standing down and allowing all of this MONSTROSITY!!!! This is evidence and proof that conspiracy in Top-down Procedural Law IS REAL! Karen Jensen stop being dumb and saying that RFK, Jr. is a conspiracy NUT! HE is instead a TRUTH TELLER, so listen to him, Karen Jensen. Finally, most of the rest of Americans are understanding, that CONSPIRACIES are real and they are coming THROUGH TOP-DOWN PROCEDURAL LAW—Our second kind of law that governs the USA!This 2nd kind of law is utilized in places of employment, and controls all people wherever they work to be coerced to do things in the course of their employment that are WRONG. Employees will do these WRONGS to keep their jobs, their careers and their licenses, etc.!… Read More


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WELCOME TO DR. ROBERT SARHAN COURT VICTIM JUSTICE MEDIA Find us at the following Media outlets by clicking on the logos below: Take a FACEBOOK Poll for judges Congressional Testimony: Dr. Robert Sarhan to Bill Windsor of Lawless America Dr. Robert Sarhan: Guardianships — Presented to Bill Windsor of Lawless America Robert Sarhan talks on the Public Interest Issues Show to Janet President Trump: Need Urgent Meeting to Stop Guardian Court Judges From Murdering our Parents PRESIDENT TRUMP STOP JUDGES ATTORNEYS AND GUARDIANS FROM STEALING OUR ESTATES/MURDERING OUR PARENTS A Breach of Trust by Susan Hodges Trailer Eyes on Predator Guardians “TV Series Episode ONE” Read More