What Michael Sussmans Law is about?

I created a petition to Recall San Diego Judge Kenneth K. So. It will be sent to The California State House, The California State Senate, and 3 others.

Recall San Diego Judge Kenneth KSo Michael Sussman 1994 2018

Recall of San Diego Judge Kenneth K. So

Michael Sussman (1994-2018)

It’s Time to Take Action and Fight Back Against San Diego’s Corrupt Judicial System, which caused the covert murder of Michael Sussman.

There were a series of unlawful aggressive violent acts without limit imposed upon Michael Sussman by the San Diego police department, City Attorney’s office, some judicial officials, i.e. Judge Pollack, Judge So, and Michael’s own attorneys as well that equaled collusion and corruption.

Michael Sussman was a victim of retaliation. His mother, Nancy Sussman, is an Attorney that specializes in medical malpractice. She is known for being a courtroom whistleblower and who will take corrupt officials tries to hold them accountable. As a result of this whistleblowing, Michael Sussman became a target. He was beaten, falsely imprisoned, and harassed for two years before it consumed him. We are here to tell Michael’s story and expose the truth about what is really going on in the San Diego judicial system. We are here to give Michael a voice. They may think they have won the battle, but we are here to fight the war.

I created a petition to Recall San Diego Judge Kenneth K. So. It will be sent to The California State House, The California State Senate, and 3 others.

It’s Time to Take Action and Fight Back Against San Diego’s Corrupt Judicial System, which caused the covert murder of Michael Sussman.

What Michael Sussmans Law is about:

Michael was targeted by the SDPD, profiled with false charges, false police reports. This is an excess force to the point of terrorism. The City attorney charged him with false charges, false restraining orders and prohibit him from seeing his mother, which was not warranted by her. They made his mother an involuntary victim against his son, his mother was forced to spend $350,000 to defend his son.

She hired 3 attorneys who colluded with the City Attorneys’ office. They put him in 3 different rehab facilities, after the completion of the court-ordered drug rehab they recommended that he return home. The judges, with the efforts of the City Attorney’s office and Michael’s own attorneys, refused to allow him to return home. His mother was forced to keep him in hotels at her cost for a year. This resulted in the physiological torture of the entire Sussman family. Michael was subjected to a make-believe trial from a psychopath Judge named Kenneth So. Kenneth So was the same Judge who charged a mother from Alabama with kidnapping her own child. Her name is Tammy Rief and her son Jonah Rief. Judge So also gave them a make-believe trial and sent Tammy to jail for 3 years and took part in her son, Jonah Rief, being sold to international sex slavery, and he has never been heard from since. Her attorney also colluded with the Judge. Judge So put Michael in jail with drug sellers and criminals. When the mother was able to get him out on bail, he died mysteriously 2 days later. The case had been turned over to the US Attorney and so far no charges have been filed. Michael’s law moves for the indictment of all involved and the immediate removal from the office of Judge, So with a full investigation into both matters, the Rief and Sussman covert murders. Help us by writing the governor, as this will result in more innocent people being tortured. Michael was a great kid, and both families have been completely destroyed by the psychopath court system and the San Diego police department. Michael Sussman was only 24 years old, Jonah Rief was only 4 years old when put into intentional sex trafficking by Judge So. The 2 cases of a lot of similarities. If not removed from office, this power-hungry Judge will continue his behavior without accountability.

California State Bar Prosecuting Nancy Sussman mother of Michael Sussman for exposing corruption.


State bar hearing proceeding on Cal Bar via Zoom, Bar #108689, The public is invited! Call for connection for LA Cal Bar Court. All the corrupt officials, Gregory Pollack & Jill Lindberg will testify, Kamala Harris will be mentioned. Do you want corruption? Listen in!

Judge Kenneth So wrongfully convicted Michael for crimes he did not commit by not allowing the public to view jury selection, had a bailiff beat up Nancy Sussman, changed jury instructions, deleted favorable evidence, sent a fine young man to George Bailey prison for a period of 2 years, or he could live in a hotel forever. His mother was able to get him out on appeal. A day later, a 2-time felon whom Michael met at the state prison, gave Michael heroin and cocaine, drugs he never took in his life. Michael was so stressed, so isolated, so psychologically tortured he was found dead by his mother one day after being released from state prison, where the hardened criminal is sent. Michael was charged with 18 bogus stacked on misdemeanors. His mother files a civil rights lawsuit for the corruption that went on between judge Pollack and Judge So, which was amazingly similar to the Rief case. Instead of applauding her for exposing corruption, the California State Bar has filed charges against the mother for imputing the “integrity” of the corrupt judges So, Pollack and others The civil rights suit was strangely assigned to Judge Dana Sabraw who is the husband of the District Attorney Summer Stephan. Judge Sabraw refused to recuse himself and after 6 months and 30 motions to dismiss he dismissed the lawsuit. Sussman appealed to the 9th District based upon judicial misconduct, and judge Sidney Thomas backdated his denial of the two judicial conduct complaints to make them look untimely. When they were timely.

Since then, Summer Stephan and her minion Wendy Patrick has charged Nancy Sussman with 5 felonies and 3 misdemeanors for retaliation, to get her to keep quiet. Nancy Sussman has no intention of being quiet, Summer Stephan has no place being DA of San Diego. She and her husband together create a conflict of interest, Judge Dana Sabraw has a paper trail to the federal bench. In 1993, he paid Governor Pete Wilson $1200 to be placed as a municipal court judge. And if that was not enough, 5 years later he paid him more money in exchange to be appointed a Superior Court Judge. A paper trail right to the Federal Bench.

The State Bar is giving in to political pressure to retaliate against Sussman’s right to free speech. Sussman reported all Michael Sussman’s attorneys to the State Bar, and the State bar did nothing. Furthermore, Sussman reported Judge So and Judge Pollack to the commission. “The fox is guarding the hen house”. San Diego is happy with the corruption in the judicial system. State Bar Hearing is pending on the 23rd and the 24th of February. STAY TUNED!!! The tragedy of Jonah Rief will be discussed, testified to, including the involvement of Kamala Harris. Sussman’s are being ostracized. Support Nancy Sussman in her endeavor to expose the truth.


San Diego, CA 92101

death of Michael Sussman 12/21/2018 dob 5/20/2004


Your office has refused to accept the referral of this case Heroin prescription results in the death of Michael Sussman for the prosecution of drug prescription by Anders Holthaus a serial felon for drug seller for the death of my son on 12/21/2018. Jason Stein sheriff, 619-708-3332. His office has been frustrated by your office not reviewing the material regarding my son’s death. He died as a result of the prescription of drugs by Anders Holthaus. We have a picture. The coroner’s office has I fear identified the body externally by the wrong description and refuse to provide identifying pictures. The case of death was determined to be a combination of drugs Heroin- Cocaine. Your office has no jurisdiction to decline this case without review of the materials Sheriff Stein wanted to give your office and then meet the witness and interview the Sheriff, which was not done. We feel this has resulted in the Obstruction of Justice for a victim of A CRIME. Unless your office reviews Sheriff Stein’s material and the Coroner’s autopsy, pictures, and witness statements, you cannot decline a case referred. We demand that a case be opened for a review into the death of Michael Sussman immediately, without any further delay. Please contact or have an assistant D.A. contact me and Sheriff Stein immediately. My name is Nancy Sussman

Not by coincidence, my civil rights case was assigned to Summer Stephans husband, Federal Judge Dana Sabraw. The case involved his wife Summer Stephans and was against their friend and endorsers. This was a major conflict as he dismissed the case 6 months later for his friends and endorsers without any evidence allowed to be presented by the plaintiff at all, Nancy Sussman, and the estate of Michael Sussman. This was clearly a major conflict of interest, to say the least. Corruption at its finest in San Diego. Follow the Story. Support the Sussman’s.

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