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End California’s Judicial Corruption before the November 8, 2022 General Election. Here’s How!

Help pass Los Angeles California Dr Richard I Fine bill amend SBX 2 11 Help stop the corruption

The History and Effect of California’s Judicial Corruption In 1985, Los Angeles County started paying California Superior Court Judges sitting on the State of California Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles “supplemental judicial benefits” in addition to the judges’ State of California Compensation. In 1988, Los Angeles County Supervisors justified the payments stating they were necessary to “attract and retain qualified people to serve as judges on the LA Superior Court.” On its face, such explanation doesn’t make sense. Paying a sitting judge, a “supplemental judicial benefit” will not retain him/her in office as he/she must face an election to retain his/her judicial office. It will not recruit a judge as the judge is already in office. Nor does it appear that over time the Los Angeles County “Supplemental Judicial Benefits” attracted more successful, experienced private lawyers to apply to be politically appointed for judgeships or to run for judgeships more than the usual government lawyers such as deputy district attorneys, deputy public defenders, county counsels and state employees. The real reason for the Los Angeles County “Supplemental Judicial Benefits” payments was to increase the compensation of the… Read More

Richard I. Fine Broadcast Amend SBX 211 get restitution for Court Victims and Citizen Oversight

Richard I Fine speaks out about Amend SBX211 Get court victims restitution and justice help pass this bill

Make sure to LISTEN IN AND WATCH LIVE “Richard I. Fine” the American lawyer who took a stand against the BAR and the judges in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Richard created a Bill to Amend SBX211 to help the victims. If this bill passes in California with your help it can ALSO BE USED in all the other states with minor alterations. It was designed that way. However we need to pass it and get it into the system for it to work. Please tune in today and share this so we get some change. See this page to view the show Facebook.com/remedyreport/live Today June 23, 2022 at 6:30PM CST Priority Restitution means you’ll be at the top of the list to have your case submitted for restitution for the abuses and violations against you which Amend SBX 2 11 addresses by taking the courts out of the solution. By taking the time to strongly suggest to you state representative to support and pass Amend SBX 2 11 means it has that much more of a chance to be passed and help thousand perhaps millions of victims. Which then… Read More


    Help Document the Epidemic of Judicial Abuse Victims List or find Ugly Judges, abusers and court victims Help Document the Epidemic of Judicial Abuse Victims Help Document the Epidemic of Judicial Abuse Victims