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Gene Forte is one of the few Americans who understands the problem and takes action


Attorney Busters Association, Inc. established its web presence as in March 2001 to gather complaints about attorneys, judicial officers, and bar associations. The President/CEO is Mr. Gene Forte. For more information on Gene, go to

Forte is confident that will garner public awareness and support to start a movement that the judicial system will not be able to ignore. Attorneys should be held accountable to the same laws as the ordinary American and not be able to use special privileges as shields to avoid prosecution if they have done something wrong.

It is a simple and reasonable request.

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Meritless Litigations Intimidation The Self Discipline Problem

Meritless Litigations
Unethical attorneys could be held criminally responsible for the filing of meritless litigations in civil matters under certain circumstances.

Such circumstances, as an example, would be when an attorney attempts to use a meritless case for the purpose of coercing an individual into the payment of money or other valuables.

When attorneys use a lawsuit with the intent to defraud and coerce, they should no longer be afforded special privileges as officers of the court.


The current environment of attorneys’ unwillingness to sue other attorneys has created a form of racketeering of the legal system which attorneys say intimidates them into not representing the rights of the individual against an attorney or judge.

The intimidation is the reprisal from judges that do not want the general public to become “disappointed with the law”. The reprisal would come from their being outcast from the judicial community and unable to effectively represent their clients.

Self Discipline Inadequate

The attorneys’ method of self discipline, handed down from fellow attorneys’ private clubs also known as Bar Associations, yield nothing more in most cases than private warnings.

Or at the most, disbarment from practice, which does nothing for compensating the financially and/or emotionally injured victim.

The California Supreme Court, through special charters, made the California State Bar the administrative arm of the court to discipline their member attorneys in exchange for forced dues.

Both have failed miserably and the negligence of the Supreme Court has played no small role in the failure. believes from its review of the California State Bar’s self discipline system that:

A vast majority of complaints filed by individuals are not given serious consideration. anticipates to expose a serious problem stemming from the self disciplinary system of the California State Bar.

Problems with the California State Bar and other bar associations are discussed in the section Complaints About the Bar.

Client Rights proliferates the rights of the individual to be on equal balance as that of the attorney.

We seek to help enact laws that would provide a fair balance of access, and representation, in the court system to individuals that need to prosecute attorneys that have somehow wronged them.

Current laws provide escape routes for unethical attorneys that abuse the legal system at the expense of client public.

Limited remedies imposed by their own self disciplinary groups as the California State Bar Association has not deterred the unethical.

Fighting Attorney Racketeering:

A major difficulty in pursuing legal remedies against an attorney is the unwillingness of one attorney to sue another attorney.

Most attorneys say that they fear being blacklisted and outcast by fellow judicial members (judges included) therefore ruining their practice of law and their ability to make a living.

By doing so, a form of racketeering has been developed whereby attorneys and judges control access to the courts in deciding who will actually be held accountable, with the exclusion of themselves.

This thereby provides an unfair balance which is now accepted as being “the way of the system” by many of the judges who now sit on the benches of our country.

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Future Vision of

Enacting changes in the legal system will take time and patience, but will be continually pressing for ways to proliferate the rights of lay people and the responsible practice of law by attorneys.

Currently in development, and in the near future, individuals will be able to log onto our site and actually add letters and documents to the complaints they list.

You will also be able to organize cases that may be pending in court and receive full litigation support. If you are representing yourself, there will be a bank of resource information for you to draw from.

Please check back on a regular basis to see what has been added and thank you for your patience and support.


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