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Corrupt Bexar County Texas Judge Oscar J Kazen

This is a clip from Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney’s series, Dirty Money, produced for Netflix. In the episode Guardianship, Inc., the cases of Charlie Thrash, of San Antonio, Texas, and John Savanovich, of Needham, Massachusetts are detailed.  You can watch the entire 1 hour episode of  Guardianship, Inc., with a Netflix subscription, here.

Corrupt Judge Oscar J. Kazen

It’s January 28, 2021 and Charlie Thrash hasn’t been seen in 695 days. That’s when Judge Oscar Kazen ordered Charlie isolated. Charlie Thrash’s family hasn’t seen him since March 6, 2019. Help Charlie see his common-law wife Laura for 1st time since March 6, 2019 – 695 days.

When Charlie Thrash paid $800,000 cash for a house in Shavano Park, Texas, in 2016, for him and his common-law wife, Laura Martinez, along with two of Laura’s adult children, to live in, they had no idea of what was underneath the surface of the attractive, upscale “City living with country charm” that is called Shavano Park, Texas.

From Oscar Kazen demanding to know “is there a relationship between Mr Thrash and Mr Ross,” to Tom Rickhoff offering glancing blows at Frost Bank for the guardianship – it’s all the news you’ll never read in any Hearst newspaper, much less the San Antonio Ex-News.

Read Charlie Thrash’s letters to his neighbor & fellow Shavano Park resident Judge Oscar Kazen, who also happened to award Charlie in guardianship to the Mayor of Shavano Park’s wife, Mary Werner, based upon Charlie’s estranged grand-niece’s recommendation, to whom the court had already awarded Charlie’s estimated $3 Million in assets.

Court-filed papers, pertaining to Charlie Thrash’s guardianship, including Charlie Thrash’s guardianship Orders by Judge Oscar Kazen, awarding Charlie to Kazen’s neighbor, political campaign financial supporter & wife of the Mayor, Mary Werner.

What does Section 1055.003 really say? Find out what lawyers representing Mary Werner & Tonya Barina don’t want you to know. Judge for yourself how badly lawyers for Tonya Barina & Mary Werner mischaracterized and misrepresented these clear-cut statues to the Court, time and time again.

It’s always important to read the wishes of the proposed ward, in this case Charlie Thrash, written in June 2016, a full 14+ months before a court-appointed doctor declared Charlie 100% incapacitated requiring a full guardianship
From Nov 15, 2018 onward, these properly stated, legal wishes of Charlie — to have Laura Martinez-Thrash, his common-law wife, be his agent and protector – have been ignored by both judges, first Tom Rickhoff and now, Oscar Kazen.

How could these letters be written by a man who is incompetent? Charlie’s letters demonstrate his competence. Maybe that’s why the judge – Oscar Kazen – has ignored them, as he has ignored Charlie – because Charlie & his letters don’t conform to the Judge’s desired narrative about Charlie’s supposed incompetence. Charlie has never received a single response from Judge Kazen, nor an acknowledgement that he received these publicly-recorded documents.

Documents and excerpts from court hearing transcripts that demonstrate Laura Martinez-Thrash, Charlie’s common-law wife, was innocent and cleared of any allegations that she had converted Charlie’s assets, or was abusing Charlie in any way. NONE of the allegations were proven, and Adult Protective Services (APS), called by Frost Bank to investigate, cleared Laura 100% of any allegations. All allegations were proven FALSE. Unfortunately, this did not stop the lawyers at Cavaretta, Katona, Leighner and Andersen from lying in court, and falsely claiming without any evidence that APS had found the allegations against Laura to be true.


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