Mayor Bob Werner’s residence and Attorney Robert Werner’s primary practice location

May 13, 2020:  There are several issues with the statutorily-required profile that Mayor Bob Werner, while wearing his hat as Attorney Robert B. Werner, last maintained with the Texas State Bar on 05/13/2020, and from which this image was made on October 16, 2020.

1. The Law Office of Robert B. Werner, PLLC is located in the residence of Mayor of Shavano Park Bob Werner, and his wife, Mary Werner, the legal Guardian of Charlie Thrash. Charlie was a former Shavano Park resident, until he was removed from his home at 310 Harvard Oak, Shavano Park, 78320 on March 6, 2019, which Shavano Park resident and presiding judge over Charlie Thrash’s guardianship, Oscar Kazen, ordered sold, which it was on Sept 30, 2019.

2. The Law Office of Robert B. Werner, PLLC is located two (2) blocks from Judge Sid Harle’s residence, three (3) blocks from Judge Oscar Kazen’s residence, and barely 1/2 mile from Charlie Thrash’s former residence. Judge Harle refused to support attorney Phil Ross’ April 1, 2019 Motion to have Oscar Kazen be recused, due to the improper nature of the Werner’s political and fundraising support to get Oscar Kazen elected Probate Judge in 2018. The logical reason the Werner’s were interested in seeing their neighbor, Oscar Kazen, elected Probate Judge for all of Bexar County is most likely due to the fact that 100% of Mary Werner’s income is generated solely and only due to Probate Judge’s ordering their conscripted Wards into Mary Werner’s guardianship services (as opposed to the probate judge choosing a different company to perform this corporate, for-profit service.)

3. The Law Office of Robert B. Werner, PLLC lists a Firm Size of 25 to 40 people. Now this is an interesting conundrum, because if the Firm Size is correct, at 25-40 people, then that would imply that 25-40 people show up at the Legal Practice Primary Location every work day. We are wondering if 25-40 cars show up and park on the Werner’s 2.25 acre residential lot every day. That doesn’t sound like any way to promote a Green Environment for “Going Green in Shavano Park, LLC” which is *also* located at 310 Fawn Lane, Shavano Park, TX 78321 – the same address as both the Legal Practice Primary Location of The Law Office of Robert B. Werner, PLLC AND Mayor Bob Werner and his wife Mary Werner’s legal residence. Those Werners! So industrious, wearing so many different hats – all in teeny Shavano Park, population 3,926 3,922 (2018.)

4. The Practice Areas listed for the Law Office of Robert B. Werner, PLLC, includes Taxation and Wills-Trusts-Probate. Now some – other than neighbor & Administrative Judge Sidney Harle — might consider that a Conflict of Interest, to have the Mayor, who is an attorney, who practices in Wills-Trusts-Probate, who is also married to a professional guardian who receives 100% of her business from Probate Judges like their neighbor, Oscar Kazen, who they helped elect to Kazen’s current position as Probate Judge for all of Bexar County – not just teeny Shavano Park…. But then we have found people who either have Conflicts of Interest (the Werners), or who can’t see Conflicts of Interest (neighbors and Judges Kazen and Harle) are the ones who steadfastly deny any problem, until the stench becomes to bad for anyone to breathe, especially those seeking an ecologically-friendly existence. Heck, an existence.

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