5 27 2019 Court-ordered sale of Charlie Thrash’s primary and secondary residences

May 27, 2019: While you wouldn’t know it by only looking at the Order on Amended Application for Sale of Real Property, Shavano Park resident, Probate Judge Oscar Kazen, signed this Order, mandating the sale of Charlie Thrash’s two paid-for residences.

The sale of Charlie’s two residences did nothing to help Charlie’s finances, nor did it provide him with his desired living accommodations, which would have been to stay in Shavano Park, living with Laura Martinez-Thrash and her two adult children, BUT Mary Werner and Mayor Bob Werner had other ideas, and with the help & aid of their around-the-corner neighbors, Judges Oscar Kazen AND Sidney Harle, have been able to remove Charlie from his home in Shavano Park, and sell the home at 310 Harvard Oak- and Charlie’s condominium on Medical Drive – all while the proceeds go into a bank account controlled by Charlie’s estranged grand-niece, Tonya Barina, who never even met her wealthy grand uncle Charlie until the day she put him under guardianship and Tonay Barina was awarded the right to control Charlie Thrash’s assets, estimated at $3,000,000.

Just like that! All because then-Judge Tom Rickhoff refused to accept Charlie & Laura’s common-law marriage as equivalent to being married in a court-of-law, so Judge Rickhoff declared wife Laura wasn’t family, but estranged grand-niece Tonya Barina was! And Tom Rickhoff demanded family be given control of Charlie Thrash’s $3,000,000 – not somebody chosen by Charlie, in Charlie’s Durable Power Of Attorney.  No, Charlie’s choices weren’t want Tom Rickhoff wanted to see happen, so he just changed Charlie’s desires to be what Tom Rickhoff wanted, which was to put Tonya Barina in control of $3,000,000 of her wealthy grand-uncle’s possessions.

Now, in addition to the $2,000/month (minimum) that Charlie Thrash is court-ordered by Shavano Park resident Judge Oscar Kazen, upheld by Shavano Park resident Judge Sidney Harle, to pay to Shavano Park resident, wife of the Mayor of Shavano Park and professional guardian of human beings Mary Werner, who was court-ordered by Oscar Kazen (acting in his capacity as a probate judge, not as a neighbor, we think) to take control of Charlie Thrash, Charlie must also pay about $5,000 – $7,500/month for an assisted living facility to live in, because the judge ordered Charlie’s paid-for houses sold, to have enough money in the court’s kitty to pay off all the attorneys that argue endlessly that Charlie Thrash must be kept totally isolated from his chosen family & friends since March 6, 2019, when Mary Werner seized Charlie from his home, with the help of the Shavano Park Police Department, who report to Mary Werner’s husband, Mayor Bob Werner.

That is a bit circular, isn’t it? But that’s the way the guardianships go – very incestuously, and typically, as is the case here, among a few keys players – in this case all around-the-corner-neighbors from each other in teeny Shavano Park, Texas, population 3,926 (2018.)

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