05 22 2018 Judge Tom Rickhoff blames Charlie Thrash’s guardianship on Laura’s failure to get a ring from Charlie Seriously

 1950s Catholic morality in a 2018 courtroom

From 2006, an article from the San Antonio Current indicates Judge Tom Rickhoff has “an improper soft spot for a [male] lawyer…” This would make former Judge Rickhoff, who could find no other less restrictive means than to hand full control of Charlie’s $3 Million’s to yet another of CKL-Lawyers.com clients, a complete hypocritical sack of you-know-what, seeing as Rickhoff lectured Laura that Charlie’s guardianship was all her fault for not having gotten married to Charlie before having sex. The utter contemptible irony of Tom Rickhoff, and his colluding brother, now also voted out of office, former County Clerk Gerry Rickhoff, should make everyone’s stomach turn, given the power these two wielded, and the lives and finances of so many they have destroyed in Rickhoff’s Probate Court, with Gerry’s cover-up in the County Clerk’s office. Disgusting nepotism.

Did you know the City of Shavano Park has a strict marriage code that it enforces through Bexar County Probate Court?

May 22, 2018 Charlie Thrash Guardianship Hearing where Judge Rickhoff blames Charlie’s guardianship on Frost Bank and APS’s investigations into the actions of a common-law married couple. Charlie Thrash paid cash for his $800,000 Shavano Park house, depriving Frost Bank of its mortgage fees (estimated to be $810,000), as well as denying Frost Bank’s role as gate-keeper of Shavano Park residents, in a new form of mortgage redlining. Failure to comply with Bank’s redlining can cost you your entire estate of $3,000,000 as well as your liberties, and your chosen family. Just ask Charlie…. If Judge Kazen and the Mayor of Shavano Park’s wife, Mary Werner, will allow Charlie to see you…. See what we mean about losing your liberties?

May 22, 2018: Judge Tom Rickhoff makes it crystal clear: If two adults wish to co-habitate in Shavano Park, Texas, they must be legally married – no common-law marriage will be accepted.

According to Judge Tom Rickhoff none of these Frost Bank or Adult Protective Services (APS) investigations would have occurred – in fact the whole guardianship would not have occurred — IF Laura had been able to obtain a ring and a promise of marriage, from Charlie Thrash, instead of simply living together as common-law man & wife, as Charlie and Laura thought they had the right to do, until Judge Rickhoff decided on Nov 15, 2018 that Charlie Thrash & Laura Martinez did not have the right to live as an unmarried couple in Shavano Park.

For that mistake – of Charlie & Laura believing they could live as an unmarried couple in an $800,000 house paid for with cash (thereby costing Frost Bank a pretty penny in lost mortgage fees) Charlie has forfeited his entire estimated $3,000,000 estate to his estranged grand-niece Tonya Barina – all under the court orders of Judges Tom Rickhoff and now Oscar Kazen, prodded by Frost Bank (a so-called private banking institution) and Adult Protective Services.

Below is a PDF of the court transcript from May 22, 2018 where Judge Tom Rickhoff really did make these pronouncements concerning Rickhoff’s personal expected level of legal marriage commitment from consenting adults in the State of Texas, to avoid investigations from their bank (if they bank at Frost Bank, as Charlie Thrash once did), and Adult Protective Services (APS).

Always remember, Charlie had never ever laid eye on Tonya Barina until on Nov 15, 2018, the day Tonya made the application to guardianize Charlie, and was awarded the right to be guardian of Charlie’s estimated $3,000,000 by Judge Tom Rickhoff.

Judge Rickhoff (referring to Charlie Thrash, being put under guardianship, and Laura Martinez, Charlie’s common-law wife): Okay. And so why aren’t you two married?

Mr. Charles Thrash (calling out to Judge Rickhoff from gallery as he was not allowed to participate in his own trial): We were going to get you to do that.

Judge: No, Charlie, I already know what you said. I already heard from you.

This would be a lot simpler if you two were married, you know, nobody can bother you.

Laura Martinez, (Charlie’s common-law wife of six years, the Witness): Well we wanted to.

Judge: You’re living together anyway. You’re inheriting all the money, you know. You’re taking care of each other. That’s what married people do, especially ones your age. You know, that’s what I do.

Judge (to Laura): Okay, look — okay, look —

Frost Bank wouldn’t give you any trouble if you’re married. APS [Adult Protective Services] wouldn’t either. The lawyer wouldn’t walk out on you or call the other heir, or the person on the Will, the beneficiary. None of this would have happened if you lived that way [were married]. We wouldn’t be here. All this money, it’s just a big waste of time.

Judge (to Laura): Wait. Wait. I don’t care about the jeweler. Don’t you see the failure to get married has caused all this?

Judge (to Laura): I mean, if he’s going to give you a Will, why wouldn’t he give you a ring?

Laura: Exactly. That’s exactly what he told me. And this was —

Judge Rickhoff (to the other lawyers): Okay. Well I’m — this is pretty unnecessary.

But Bill [Leighner], let’s hear what some of these relatives have to say.

Bill Leighner is with Cavaretta, Katona & Leighner (CKL-Lawyers.com) and is one of six attorneys for estranged grand-niece Tonya Barina, who never met Charlie until the day she guardianized her wealthy uncle — all thanks to Barina’s lawyer Bill Leighner at CKL-Lawyers.com and Judges Tom Rickhoff and now Oscar Kazen.


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