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Legal Abuse Syndrome: A Preventable Public Health Problem

California Dr Karen Huffer Legal Abuse syndrome the book

If you’ve ever felt abused by the legal system, or had a friend or family member suffer traumatic stress having to go to court, then you will love this book. The eight-steps outlined in this book address the needs of litigants suffering extreme stress in court.Abuses typically observed are: the legal system being used as a weapon, i.e. one spouse using the court to punish the other in divorce proceedings; courts used for foreclosures and other transfers of property or assets unlawfully; false accusations and lying to the extent of fraud on the tribunal; threat of court used to bully, intimidate, harass and impoverish to cause a win by attrition. These methods destroy one’s ability to defend and protect themselves or to afford representation and costs of litigation. In this book are unique, step-by-step insightful ways to learn how to navigate the system and not feel bullied, tricked, or defeated again. In fact, properly used, the judicial system provides ways to help you by cooperation with accommodations through federal mandates. If you have been injured by the experience or are sick, suffering with invisible disabilities you will learn how to… Read More

  • Help Document the Epidemic of Judicial Abuse Victims