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Exhibits for Senator Lisa Baker EXHIBITS LETTERS I SENT TO OFFICIALS FOR HELP RE: JCB DELIBERATE FAILURE TO REMOVE EXTREMELY BAD JUDGES Below you will see the attached (EXHIBITS) Letters I SENT While I Was Desperate For Help And The JCB, Ignored My Claims Proving They Violated The Laws , Their Cannons, Ignored The Constitution And Made A Mockery Of The Family Court System . They Had Proof With Exhibits, From My Transcripts, Witness Statements Proving My Claims Had Merit. I Was Being Victimized By 2 Judges And Others Were Committing Crimes That For 5 Years. The Prime Facia Evidence I Presented Amounted Proof That Elevated My Case To Me Filing A Civil Rico On July 24, 2018 . With Damages Of 2.5 Million , That Is Now In Supreme Court. Before Appealing To The Supreme Court The State Court Judge Dismissed My Rico Complaint Due To Me Filing It Pro Se And Format Errors , With Prejudice And Forbid Me To File Anything Further Against Any Of The Defendants Despite The Fact That None Of The Defendants Ever Challenged My Allegations. Due To The JCB PATTERN OF Failure To… Read More

Corrupt Sheriff Christian F. Scherer

Westmorland County Sheriff Department Office website Email Basement 2 N Main St Greensburg, PA 15601 Ph: (724) 830-3457 Toll Free: (800) 442-6926 Hours of Operation Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm VICTIMS: Deborah A. Bujdos Westmoreland County Sheriff Chris Scherer wants to be a judge Scherer, 43, of Lower Burrell announced Thursday he will be a candidate in the spring for one of two openings on the county’s Common Pleas Court bench. “I believe with my 10 years as sheriff of Westmoreland County and 19 years of practicing law I have the right combination of legal and practical experience,” Scherer said. He said although he has not practiced law for the last decade, his job duties as sheriff enabled him to work closely with the court system and properly prepare him for a judicial post. Scherer, the nephew of the late county Judge Bernard Scherer, twice has been elected county sheriff. He previously worked as an assistant district attorney and also as a lawyer with private firms in Pittsburgh. Scherer is a 1987 graduate of St. Vincent College and received his law degree from the University of California… Read More