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Campaign for Judicial Integrity

  California’s Judicial Crisis from Campaign For Judicial Integrity on Vimeo. ERADICATING JUDICIAL CORRUPTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN JUDICIAL ELECTIONS JUDGES WITHOUT INTEGRITY DESTROYED OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND JUDICIAL SYSTEMS UNLESS WE ACT NOW, WE SHALL LIVE WITHOUT RIGHTS UNDER THE TYRANNY OF JUDICIAL CORRUPTION NEWS FLASH “The Dirty Truth Behind California’s $400 Million of “Supplemental Judicial Benefits” This is the underlying story of how judges taking illegal county and court payments and county supervisors making such payments to increase their own salaries corrupted the California judicial system. California’s Judges Are the Highest Paid State Judges in the U.S. California Superior Court judges can earn $186,000 per year in state salary plus state benefits before receiving “Supplemental Judicial Benefits” under the formula of Govt. Code 68203. Superior Court [Trial Court] judges in Los Angeles County currently earn as high as $379,604 in total annual wages [$310, 268 –regular pay; $69,336- other pay] and $51,116 in total annual retirement and health cost in a regular pay range classification of $189,041 according to the Office of the State Controller Government Compensation in California 2015. Why Does LA County Pay “Supplemental… Read More


About The Campaign For Judicial Integrity

If you don't know Los Angeles California Dr Richard I Fine Patriot lawyer former DOJ Prosecutor you should

The Campaign for Judicial Integrity is a non-partisan grassroots movement and organization comprised of intelligent, dedicated citizens and voters who are concerned about judicial corruption, the decline of the state of the integrity our judiciary and the members of judiciary’s failure to provide a fair and equal judicial system to the American public. Our goal is to ensure that we, and every other person, receive a fair trial in a judicial system free of corruption. We achieve this goal by working to eradicate judicial corruption and to restore and achieve integrity in the judiciary and the administration of justice in the United States and the individual states. We work to increase the public’s awareness of judicial corruption and the danger to our society resulting from the failure of members of the judiciary to obey constitutional provisions, laws, codes of judicial conduct and their oaths of office, which protect our fundamental rights. We “exercise our rights and vote for justice” by voting all elected “corrupt judges” out of office and by petitioning and contacting our elected representatives and government officials, demanding that they take action to eradicate judicial corruption and voting… Read More


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