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Cook County Chicago Illinois County Judge shauna louise boliker and Lisa Casanova Public Guardian exposed for possible bribery

By Janet Phelan This article is dedicated to anyone who may grow old in America. Original Article from the Activist Post Dean and Amy Sallas had a good life. Dean worked in real estate, buying and selling properties and also renting out units. He had amassed a considerable nest egg, in the realm of about $8 million. Amy taught school up until a stroke left her with some memory loss, at which point she took retirement. Her pension is in the neighborhood of $8,000 a month. A series of events, launched by her adult children who wished to be able to access her pension, resulted in a guardian being appointed, over the objections of Dean. At that point, the story turns distinctly dark. I WANTS YOUR WIFE After a number of years, the guardian (Charles Golbert of the Public Guardian office) decided unilaterally to remove Amy from her home and marriage of over 50 years, without her agreement or the agreement of her husband. Amy was taken by force and put into a nursing home in 2019. There were no verified allegations of abuse of Amy by Dean. Unilaterally, the… Read More

Corrupt Judge Shauna Boliker

Judge Shauna Louise Boliker, More on this dishonorable judge and elder abuser More on Judge Associate Judge Probate Daley Center Room.1804 (312) 603-5943 Shauna Louise Boliker is an associate judge of the Cook County Circuit Court of Illinois. She was elected to this position by the judges of the Cook County Circuit Court in April 2014. Boliker was reappointed in 2015 and again in 2019. At the time of her judicial appointment, Boliker worked for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office Accessories to Judge Shauna Boliker’s abuse, crimes and dishonor Elizabeth Casanova NEWS STORY REGARDING CORRUPT JUDGE SHAUNA BOLIKER From Cook County Prosecutor to Cook County Probate Judge: Profile of Honorable Judge Shauna Boliker Questions for Judge Boliker: I see where Judge Boliker has taken out more than $3.5 million in loans on her home property since the early 90s, when she began in government employ. There is mounting concen on a number of fronts that these home loans are being used as a cover to bribe a judge. I am therefore requesting that Judge Boliker produce all the checks showing that she or her husband, Dave Andrews, actually paid… Read More


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