“In Good Hands?”

This is part one of two – an episode of “Inside E Street” which ran in 2010. This segment features CA Assemblymember Dave Jones speaking on conservatorship abuse in his state and work he has done for reform; and also Terry Hammond, guardianship attorney and past Executive Director of the NGA (National Guardianship Association) speaking of guardianship in general. They both speak of the Danny Tate conservatorship in Davidson County,TN – a poster case which “protected” Danny Tate out of his assets and plunged him into spiraling debt which continues to date. Part two of “In Good Hands” features Danny Tate.

In part two of Inside E-Street’s “In Good Hands?” episode aired in 2010, Danny Tate (victim of unlawful and abusive conservatorship in Davidson County, TN) explains how his conservatorship nightmare began and the status of the “temporary” conservatorship as of 2010. His then attorney, Michael Hoskins, speaks to the violations of due process Tate suffered under the guise of protection and color of law. The “temporary” conservatorship was already 2.5 years long at this time.


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