Robbed & Silenced: Elder Guardianship Abuse in Florida

Meet 88-year-old Lillie. Since 2012, she has been caught in the Florida Elder Guardianship web and is being robbed and silenced by an estranged granddaughter and the legal system set up to protect her. Her New York-based niece went to Florida to film her aunt and uncovered a web of systemic corruption. The Florida Elder Guardianship process is so vicious that it has been called “Liquidate, Isolate, Medicate.” The victims are seniors. The partners in crime are financial predators and agents of the system–judges, attorneys, professional guardians, medical experts, and others waiting for the fire sale. Now, they are pressing to take away Aunt Lillie’s last two remaining rights: the right to vote and the right to choose with whom to socialize–in essence, shutting out her family. Since the court is trying to silence her, meet Aunt Lillie in her own voice. Does she seem mentally frail and incapable of making decisions? Does she deserve to be treated like a human trafficking victim and open piggy bank? This could happen to you. Watch the video and weigh in. Go to to learn how to #FREELILLIE​ from this corrupt yet legal system.


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