I Can’t Breathe for Aunt Lillie: Court-Endorsed Slavery in Florida

If two months in lockdown due to COVID-19 was driving you stir crazy, how would you feel after FOUR YEARS in lockdown? On August 30, 2016, Lillie was abducted and forced into isolation by a rogue guardian and court-appointed attorney in Florida. There was absolutely no justifiable reason for her being taken and she never returned home. The action was supported by the large law firm in Orlando (“The Firm”) that launched a multi-year campaign in 2012 to strip Lillie of her rights. They only succeeded AFTER Lillie was abducted. This team of attorneys subsequently sold her house and liquidated her assets to pay their fees, while keeping Lillie away from her sister and 50 nieces and nephews.

Guardianship has become a form of state-endorsed slavery and it must be abolished. In this video, Dr. Terri Kennedy participates in a JusticeCon march held by The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral in New York and talks about the parallel issues between police reform and guardianship abuse.

Learn the full story and how you can help at www.elderdignity.org/in-lillies-voice/

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, who produced the video, is Lillie’s niece and Founder of Elder Dignity. Learn more about her at http://terrik.tv


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