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Corrupt fiduciary/conservator Jeffery Siegel

Fiduciary Jeffery Siegel COURT VICTIM COMMENT: As far as we know, he is not a lawyer. He is a professional fiduciary/conservator operating in the Probate courts. He has a private company that provides so-called fiduciary, conservator and trustee services. His website is at : Siegel & Associates He has been operating for many years in the courts. It seems that he is well-connected with the judges in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. This is more evidence of a Probate Racketeering Enterprise in Violation of The RICO Act: ¬†Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Under the Color of Authority of Probate Judges! His list of services includes: Legal protections & Financial assistance The only thing this guy protects is himself, and he will only assist himself in stealing your finances! One interesting thing about his business website is that his name is not mentioned at all! We need a full investigation of this criminal I think Rudy Giuliani¬† should agree with me:¬† https://www.msnbc.com/opinion/msnbc-opinion/sad-irony-fani-willis-flipping-rico-statute-rudy-giuliani-rcna100294 https://www.msnbc.com/opinion/msnbc-opinion/trump-georgia-racketeering-rico-charge-meaning-rcna99755 Be sure to help warn other victims by posting your review to YELP (Click the image above or this link) Add your GOOGLE Review and help warn… Read More


Corrupt Lawyer Darrell Steven Steinberg

Darrell Steven Steinberg #114583 License Status: Active Address: City of Sacramento – Office of the Mayor, 915 I St Fl 5, Sacramento, CA 95814-2622 Phone: 916-808-5882 License Status, Disciplinary and Administrative History All changes of license status due to nondisciplinary administrative matters and disciplinary actions. Date License Status Discipline Administrative Action Darrel Steven Steinberg wrote illegal SBX211 in 2009 making it legal for California Judges to accept bribes as well retroactively Present Active 12/3/1984 Admitted to the State Bar of California Darrell Steinberg is Mayor of Sacramento, California. Steinberg took office December 13, 2016. Steinberg’s term ends December 15, 2024. Darrell Steinberg ran for re-election as Mayor of Sacramento, California. Darrell Steinberg won the general election March 3, 2020. Before becoming mayor, Darrell Steinberg served as a Democrat for California State Senate, representing District 6, 2006 to 2014. He served as president pro tempore from 2008 to 2014 in the Senate. Darrell Steinberg served as a member of California State Assembly, 1998 to 2004. As a member of the California State Legislature, Darrell Steinberg authored Proposition 63, Mental Health Services Act, which voters approved in 2004, imposed 1 percent income… Read More


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