Corrupt Christopher Overgaard

Glendale la cresenta Calfornia lawyer Christopher Overgaard is a criminal and fraud
Glendale Christopher Edward Overgaard 114330

Christopher Overgaard is a dishonest lawyer who perjured documents, sent notice of hearings to the wrong address so parties involved could not object and lied in court.
Christopher Overgaard
411 North Central Ave., Suite 510
Glendale, CA 91203-2020
Phone: 818-545-9881
Fax: 818-247-6828

Name Status Number City Admission Date
Overgaard, Christopher Edward Active 114330 Glendale August 1984

Overgaard perjured the petition of Gertrude Gettinger and failed to notify family of any legal proceeding Overgaard was awarded over $50,000 in legal fees due to perjury and sending legal documents to the wrong address. Christopher Overgaard
See Overgaard VICTIM See Christopher Overgaard Client
Overgaard failed to properly serve 84 year old Gertrude Gettinger. Overgaard perjured a petition forcing victims Gertrude Gettinger into a conservatorship by her own daughter Sylvia Schmidt who had never cared for her mother for over 35 years. When Sylvia discovered she could force her own mother to pay her $40,000 a year the concept of conservatorship was abused to control her mother and steal her estate. Isolate, medicate and liquidate.

Overgaard used illegal tactics such as mailing legal documents to the wrong address so other parties would not object. Overgaard is known to take advantage of seniors.

A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it


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