Corrupt Judge Richard D. Huffman

Corrupt San Diego County California Judge Richard D. Huffman

Corrupt Judge Richard D. Huffman Huffman, Richard D. Judge 37992 San Diego  Admission Date January 1966 Want to know the total truth about this dishonest and criminal SEE SHARON KRAMER Shame on San Diego Court Judge Judith McConnell Corruption Anti-Dated Judgement No Jurisdiction No Immunity GOVERNMENT FRAUD, Hiding dangerous TOXIC MOLD problems, doing so for BIG MONEY and BIG BUSINESS. Kelman V. Kramer~Petition For Writ Of Mandate~Justice Judith McConnell Prove Jurisdiction Exposing Environmental Health Threats & Those Responsible for Them Kelman v. Kramer~Motion To Disqualify Justice Judith McConnell Self-Known To Be Maliciously Presiding Coram Non Judice Judicial Council Watcher GET SUPPORT FOR COURT VICTIMS Find other victims of the same dishonorable judges, unethical, immoral lawyers and corrupt government that ignores your cries for help and justice all while helping the these criminals FIND YOUR LOCAL SENATOR FIND YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE Read More


Judge Richard S. Whitney

Judge Richard S. Whitney Name Status Number City Admission Date December 1984 Whitney, Richard Spencer  Judge 116374 San Diego After Natalie raised concerns that Del Mar Union School District, Superintendent Holly McClurg’s son was bullying her son, and after filing a complaint for retaliation in federal court, and after making public comment at Del Mar Union School District’s (DMUSD) board meetings, Natalie was silenced and served with a restraining order. The school lawyer, Daniel Shinoff, who other school districts will not retain because of his firm’s past history of questionable practices, filed three consecutive restraining orders against Natalie and signed them for the individual declarant, 6th grade teacher, Caitlin Fallon-McKnight, under penalty of perjury. Then Daniel Shinoff had ex parte communications with San Diego County Superior Court judge, Richard S. Whitney and had the case specifically moved to Whitney, a judge that Daniel Shinoff’s firm had other of their cases moved to. Judge Whitney also met with Daniel Shinoff, Nadine Schick, and Jenni Huh alone in chambers, without Natalie’s consent and in violation of the judicial code of ethics. Judge Whitney, the one man jury, then refused to let Natalie… Read More