Britney Spears Protests

Join an upcoming FREE BRITNEY protest where you live or at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Los Angeles CA

If you wish to participate in getting signs with us because we require time to design the graphics, place the order, proof the approved artwork with the printer, delivery, assemble the signs etc. Thank you

Create colorful protest signs with clear images of victims, key words and names of abusers with impact which can be seen by major media who cover the Britney Spears Protests in huge numbers.The signs also include Britney Spears images and info which gets Britney Fans to carry the signs and do some of the work getting the signs front and center in the protests. If you can’t appear in person to pass out your signs or represent yourself others can do it for you. You should also include leaflets with your story and contact info to be passed out to media and interested parties.

The Britney Spears protests have done more in the pass 13 years than all the so called activists who have promised change via change of laws, legislation or code. The root of the matter that the “change the law” activist don’t seem to understand is the real problem “the judge”. It does not matter what laws exist or are changed because in the end the judge can over rule you and ignore law and legislation. This is why nothing has changed.

FROM JUST ONE PROTEST our signs were seen world wide and still today appear in thousands of photographs appearing on the internet, websites and on media pages. This was from a shared $1000 investment of 400 signs.

You need a SHORT, simple to remember URL (Link) that people can see and later access with your stories. In this case we used “ which at the same time says “what it’s about” and is easy to spell and remember. Court Victim offers FREE pages you can change, add photos, PDF documents and audio or video. Please make sure your story is complete on or have your own domain available

  • Key words that stand out on your sign.
  • Appeal to the FREE BRITNEY movement fans. We found that signs with NO images or mention of Britney were less appealing and fans were less likely to carry and show them. As well as want them as they become souvenirs and can be posters. Note in the signs below they 1. Have Britney image and messages 2. Also court info, judges and other victims info.

Brintey Spears Los Angeles California Stanely Mosk courthouse
Britney Spears Los Angeles California Stanely Mosk courthouse protestBritney Spears Los Angeles California Stanely Mosk courthouse protest
Britney Spears Los Angeles California Stanely Mosk courthouse protest 4
The benefits of the FREE BRITNEY movement protests:

    • Mainstream Exposure
    • Media attention
    • Possible appearance on television, radio or internet shows
    • Interviews
    • Your sign or image appears on media photography and articles

    Back in July Deborah Waldron mentioned attending one of the Britney Protests in front of the court house in downtown Los Angeles. She had appeared with some protest signs (about 10) we designed at a protest. The fans helped her display the signs.

    July 2021 Deborah got together with us to work as a team to use our talents to go one step further. So we came to the agreement we would both share the costs to create 400 custom signs that would appeal to the FREE BRITNEY fans and at the same time expose our own cases and info.

    When One person has control over a life you get Probate Predators Gettinger Sign BS 16x20 003
    Sign Horan 16x20 003 Small Mickey was robbed 16x20 003

    Above are some examples of the signs we created.


    To create these signs you need:

      1. Good photographs
      2. Case info (Text)
      3. Clear, well composed color corrected,sized artwork
      4. Printer who will print them to size 16″x 20″
      5. Poster-board 99 Store carries a large board can be cut into 2 pieces
      6. Sign Stick Home Depo or Lowe’s carries 3 packs
      7. Glue & Spray on Glue for wood & paper
      8. Staple gun


        • Poster Board (foam enclosed card back) for rigidity .55 each sign
        • 21″ Sign stick .40 each sign
        • Spray on glue to glue poster to poster board $10.00 per can (about 25 signs)
        • Glue and staples to fasten stick to poster board $4.00
        • Full color Posters from Print shop $6.00 – $10.00) Depends on volume and rates. We did a multiples of (25) per design

        We are working on the next BIG Protest November 12, 2021 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse.
        Not only should you consider getting signs to pass out to fans at the event you should also consider attending the event to represent yourself and hundreds of reporters and media outlets will attend and have interest in your story


      • Below is the previous order: cost was $156.07 for (25) signs ($6.25) per sign
      • Britney Spears Protest signs NextDayFlyers Order History
      • Britney Spears Protest signs NextDayFlyers Order History
      • Want to get involved? Want to be included in having your art work done for you? Want to take advantage of a volume discount? Get in touch with us now.

        Are you interested in having a personalized sign made or participating at the next Britney Spears Protest? Both?

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