Judges Who Lynch Peoples’ Fundamental Right to Fairness Should Wear White Robes and Pointed Hoods

Judges Who Lynch Peoples Fundamental Right to Fairness Should Wear White Robes and Pointed Hoods Brian Vukadinovich
For anybody who doubts the existence of corruption in the American justice system, even when it comes to a person’s freedom, I urge you to watch this very telling video of an actual hearing in a criminal court case in Utah where you will see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears the lying and falsification of the proceedings by the court officials. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrsuMLwH09A&t=473s. The case involves Luis Sanchez, a person claiming his innocence but stabbed in the back by his own lawyers from the Salt Lake Legal Defender Association who were upset that he (Sanchez) resisted their pressure to plead guilty without ever receiving or reviewing video evidence that police had in their possession regarding a traffic stop matter. The evidence was destroyed but Sanchez’s lawyers failed to bring it to the attention of the court.You will see in the video that the lawyers, prosecutor and judge conspired in conniving a situation to issue a warrant for Sanchez’s arrest for failure to appear even though the hearing was not scheduled for court for another 21 minutes by having his case called early. You will see in the video how these co-conspirators laughed while conniving what they did. You will also see in the video that Sanchez did appear for the hearing on time but was falsely arrested after the court officials and Sanchez’s lawyers put their scheme into play.

Watching the video of Sanchez’s hearing brought back flashbacks to a hearing I was involved in on December 8, 1986, in the Porter County Court II in Portage Indiana where Porter County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Nancy Vaidik proceeded to make blatantly false representations in her efforts to curtail a fair criminal proceeding. When I raised the question as to why I was being prosecuted in Portage when the Valparaiso Police attempted to file the charges in County Court I in Valparaiso, Vaidik [falsely] stated “Your Honor, this was transferred by Judge Bryce Billings to the Portage County Court. I do not know the reason for that.”

Vaidik’s statement was a bald- faced lie as not only did Judge Billings not “transfer” the case to the Portage County Court as Vaidik misrepresented, but Judge Billings threw the Valparaiso officers out of his courtroom on their ears when they attempted to file the bogus charges against me. In responding to Vaidik’s lie, I asked Judge Harper, who actually was a good judge, to document Vaidik’s statement and to show me if there was anything contained in the court record showing that Judge Billings had excused himself from the case, and then Vaidik responded “Your Honor, I was mistaken. These charges, you are absolutely right, were originally filed here in Portage, and as such, you are the judge in this proceeding.”

But Vaidik’s lies didn’t stop there. On March 23, 1987, we were back in Judge Harper’s courtroom to deal with some discovery issues that the Porter County Prosecutor’s office was trying to withhold and conceal from me. Because I was aware of communications between Porter County officials and neighboring county officials in coordinated efforts to get bogus convictions against me, I requested that all of their communications be produced to me in preparation for the trial that was to be forthcoming from the bogus charges. Vaidik continued her efforts at thwarting justice when she argued [lied] that there was no correspondence between Porter County officials and other law enforcement officials.

When I responded to Judge Harper that it was my belief that Vaidik’s office was intentionally withholding evidence, Judge Harper stated “First of all, I’m not sure whether or not there was correspondence. The State says there was not.” I responded back “There absolutely was”. Judge Harper stated “Apparently, it is not in the Prosecutor’s file.” And then Vaidik responded “And then he responded and indicated that he couldn’t find it.” Judge Harper then stated “And then he responded and he indicated that it didn’t exist. That’s what we are stuck with. The State has responded.” After Vaidik’s lies and shenanigans, I subpoenaed the various law enforcement officials that Vaidik was inappropriately trying to protect with her lies, and Judge Harper dismissed all of the fabricated criminal charges with prejudice on April 20, 1987.

On October 25, 1988, Nancy Vaidik’s boss, Dan Berning, the Prosecuting Attorney of Porter County Indiana at the time, wrote a letter to Indiana Deputy Attorney General James Clark in response to information that Clark was requesting about me. Berning’s response letter was very interesting as it showed how he lied and concealed information in his official capacity as prosecuting attorney. Berning stated in his response letter that “As it turns out” the files on me have been “misplaced” and that his secretaries “have not been able to locate those files.” Berning then went on to say, “Even if we were able to locate the files on Vukadinovich”, “our answer” to the motion to produce “would be that no such information exists.” A blatant prosecutorial admission, from one state official to another, that lying would be the rule of the day.

In furtherance of the concerted efforts to have my freedom taken from me, as was clearly shown in the letters between Porter County and LaPorte County law enforcement authorities, which Nancy Vaidik had denied the existence, I was subjected to a three-day jury trial on May 19, 20, and 21, 1986 in LaPorte, Indiana in a very corrupt court led by Judge Paul Baldoni. The prosecutor was Robert Szilagyi and the judge was Paul Baldoni, two cockroaches to put it mildly. When Szilagyi asked the arresting officer Michael Spears “What if anything did you observe?” Spears testified “I just observed several, uh, what looked like empty beer cans to be in the back seat.”

Spears was able to lie about this because he had switched and concealed and withheld from me before and during the trial the original affidavit where he wrote that he observed “Empty 7-Up cans”, not empty beer cans. Szilagy as prosecutor had an obligation under the criminal rules of procedure to produce to me all of the records from Spears’ arrest, but he didn’t do so. Had the state produced this affidavit I could have impeached Spears’ testimony when he testified that he observed “Empty-7-Up cans” in my car as there was no observation of “empty beer cans” on the affidavit. Consequently, the jury was left to believe the lies and convicted me.

I thereafter filed a petition for post-conviction relief, and I had Baldoni removed as judge. But the system did its thing and countered with a “good ole boy” judge, Marvin McGlaughlin, who stepped in and didn’t miss a corrupt judicial beat. At a hearing I asked Spears about his conjured up trial testimony and about his past statement he made in a federal deposition when he said that it was a “mistake” in not turning over the records regarding what he had initially stated that he observed in my car (on the switched/withheld affidavit), the “good ole boy” judge McGlaughlin, even without an objection, jumped in and prevented Spears from answering my question when the “good ole boy” judge said “It won’t make any difference if he did or he did not.” The “good ole boy” judge said “I don’t care what he testified to in the Federal dep.” When I asked LaPorte County deputy prosecutor Robert Szilagyi if he had any conversations with Spears about the “mistake” in not turning evidence over to me during the criminal proceedings, Szilagyi answered “He may have said something in passing when I found about the document in question.”

On August 25, 2013, I submitted a petition for the governor of Indiana to pardon the wrongful conviction. I submitted the information about how the police and prosecutors switched and concealed the exculpatory affidavit from me and how I was consequently wrongfully convicted from Spears’ false trial testimony when he testified that he observed beer cans in my car when he really observed 7-Up cans and not beer cans as he wrote on his original affidavit, and later switched, to enable his trial perjury. I received a letter from the Governor of Indiana, Mitchell E. Daniels, on May 3, 2006, informing me that “after careful review” as to the merits of my request for a pardon of the infected conviction, that he (Governor Daniels) had decided to grant my pardon. With the granting of the pardon, and with the full exoneration of the other nine false arrests, all of which resulted in acquittals or the bogus charges being dismissed, I was able to successfully defeat the conspiratorial actions by diseased police and diseased law enforcement officials in Indiana and send them to their rat holes with their tails between their legs.

Szilagyi would years later in 2010 go on to boast during his political campaign for LaPorte County Prosecutor that the conviction he got against me was his “most memorable case”. He of course didn’t mention the fact of the switched and concealed affidavit that he didn’t produce to me before or during my trial which would have exonerated me of the bogus charges as it clearly was exculpatory evidence. After Szilagyi publicly boasted to the newspapers about the ill-gotten conviction against me, in the Michigan City News-Dispatch and LaPorte Herald Argus in April 2010, during his political campaign for prosecutor in falsely boasting that he obtained a conviction against me for resisting law enforcement, which was not true, several people called me and told me about it, so I took immediate steps to have both newspapers publish a retraction.

The correction by the News-Dispatch of Michigan City on April 27, 2010, headlined the correction as “Szilagyi provides false information”. The LaPorte County Herald Argus on April 27, 2010, published a “Correction” as to Szilagyi’s false statement as well. So not only did Szilagyi lie to the jury to get a conviction against me, he also lied to the public in a political campaign so he could get elected as the county prosecutor falsely stating that he obtained a conviction against me for resisting law enforcement, which was a bald-faced lie, in what he said was his “most memorable case”. I wrote about all of these things and other false arrests and judicial corruptions that I was subjected to in my book Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case. https://www.amazon.com/Motion-Justice-Rest-My-Case/dp/1642148423/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1536738363&sr=8-3&keywords=motion+for+justice.

Indiana at one time in history was a major Ku Klux Klan state, and apparently the ideology of the Ku Klux Klan is still very much in play in the Indiana courts. In the 1920’s Indiana’s Klan organization reached its peak of power when it had 250,000 members, an estimated 30% of native-born white men. By 1925 over half the elected members of the Indiana General Assembly, the Governor of Indiana, and many other high-ranking officials in local and state government were members of the Klan. Politicians had also learned they needed Klan endorsement to win office. After what I went through, I had to wonder if there is still a form of Klan mentality going on in Indiana as far as its judges and prosecutors are concerned –just with a different form of lynching.

What I personally witnessed during the numerous bogus prosecutions against me was a very ugly form of Nazism and white supremacy that most of us abhor. The stench of those courtrooms had a very strong odor. Indiana courts do not operate under a “rule of law” but rather under a “rule of rogues” under a very distasteful form of judicial supremacy. While there are a handful of decent judges, there are plenty who are nothing more than members of a close-knit society who allow rogue police and corrupt prosecutors to lie in criminal court proceedings in order that the judges can conduct lynchings of peoples’ sacred fundamental rights to due process of law. Those types of judges are judicial cowards who should be wearing white robes and pointed hoods.

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