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California Man Almost Loses His Stepmother in Guardianship Dispute

Even though they live in different states, Larry Davis, 74, regularly speaks to and visits his 85-year-old stepmother, Kise. So he is stunned when her neighbor calls to inform him that someone came and took her away. Determined to help his stepmother, Larry embarks on a long legal battle to bring Kise home. [00:00:00] Bob: This week on The Perfect Scam. [00:00:02] It’s painful, and it’s heartbreaking. One lesson I learned is that no matter how awkward it seems to be intervening in your loved one’s life, and how much they may resist it because of their own independence, you cannot get in there too soon. [00:00:18] Bob: Welcome back to The Perfect Scam. I’m your host, Bob Sullivan. And today we’re going to talk about a really important topic, a really sensitive topic about what happens when someone gets very sick and they can no longer make decisions for themselves about their health or their money. Often a court-appointed guardian is named to make these critical decisions, and sometimes these relationships go sideways fast. There can be a tug of war between family members and institutions over who gets… Read More


Watch “Death By Guardianship: Lillie’s Sister Speaks Out” on YouTube

The family is seeking justice for Lillie. To learn more about how this happened and support the family’s Civil Rights Fund, go to: https://gogetfunding.com/justice-for-lillie-civil-rights-fund/ After eight years of being attacked under a fraudulent guardianship and four years locked away from her loved ones, Dr. Lillie Sykes White died alone on December 31, 2020 at the age of 92. Her 85-year-old sister and upwards of fifty nieces and nephews were not told of her death at the time. This case, which is considered one of the most egregious in the country, reveals the cruelty of unchecked power to isolate and exploit seniors in secrecy and under the guise of “protecting” them. In this video, Lillie’s sister, Janie Sykes Kennedy, speaks out about her sister’s tragic death by guardianship. It never should have happened. When this ordeal began in 2012, Lillie was living independently enjoying her retirement in Palm Coast, Florida–cooking, shopping and driving her little sports Mercedes. Little did she know that her life would begin to end after a visit from a family friend and a decision to put her estranged granddaughter in her Trust even though she didn’t really… Read More


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