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Surviving Elder Financial Abuse: The unbelievably true story of deception and theft by Dr. Lynette N. Tannis

Using a true and flavorful narrative, this book captures the elder financial abuse experiences of an elderly woman – from the day of her rescue through seven months of her recovery. A woman (Sharonita) befriended Diedre nearly eight years ago; and in a short period of time, began taking full advantage of Diedre. To gain greater access to Diedre’s finances, Sharonita encouraged Diedre to rent a two-bedroom apartment with her daughter, who was 40 years younger than Diedre. Within one year residing in this property, with the daughter who also worked at a pharmaceutical company, Diedre’s memory began to dwindle. She was an emotional wreck and was in significant financial debt. Prior to this newfound friendship, Diedre maintained more than $70,000 in her Wells Fargo checking and savings accounts. By the time of her rescue, Diedre had $500. There were all sorts of large cash withdrawals, personal loans, and credit cards used for this woman, her family and anyone else’s benefit, as they saw fit. Diedre was rescued by a former teacher she met and worked with when she was a school principal in Plainfield, New Jersey, more than two… Read More

Guardianship a Daughter’s Journal by Pamela Turner

My father carried on normal conversations and then started to misbehave. Our attempts to keep Dad out of jail and protect his small savings lead us to Guardianship. This Journal was written to expose these extensive judicial procedures. Our story could happen to your parent, grandparent or neighbor. I am not a professional, only one of 76 million baby boomers. Strangers asked to share my story with their patients and clients to avoid our many mistakes. Review This book is both poignant and truthful about a dilemma many families face or will in the future. The experience, frustrations and panicked situations described by Pamela melt your heart. She has shared her journey about the legal difficulties she faced because of decisions her Dad had made. This book lends helpful advice, suggestions to help others while never losing the love she had for her father. A well-done dialog of months of involvement trying to protect him from himself. Her sense of humor follows through the story while her heart was breaking. He was a loving Dad whose love was returned from a devoted family. Suggestions to help others while never losing… Read More