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Richard I. Fine’s SBX 2 11

CVSBX 2 11 Basic explanation

SBX 2 11 was enacted on February 20, 2009 Effective May 20, 2009 as emergency, budget trailer legislation within three days and signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, after the Court held the County payments directly to State Superior Court judges violated Article VI, Section 19 of the California Constitution. SBX 2 11 made the payments legal with the counties having the option to discontinue the payments on a 180 day notice. SBX 2 11 also gave retroactive immunity as of 7/1/2008 from criminal prosecution, civil liability and disciplinary action to all judges who received the payments and all governments and employees who made the payments. Two counties stopped the payments. A December, 2009 Judicial Council Report to the Legislature showed that 90% of the Superior Court Judges received the illegal payments. That figure is approximately correct today due to the greater increase in Superior Court judges in LA County and other counties where the payments are still existing an either a non increase or minimal increase in counties where the payments do not exist. Additionally, these Superior Court judges became Court of Appeal justices and California Supreme Court justices, thereby infecting… Read More


Mariposa California Corruption The Jerry Cox Story how stealing land in court is made legal

Mariposa County Corruption Jerry Cox

THE MARIPOSA COUNTY CORRUPTION CASE OF JERRY COX Help this good man fight to get his home back! False accuser, Ashley K. Harris, “CRIES WOLF” and says that she was “KIDNAPPED” at this Cabin in the Woods in Mariposa County, California for 3 days and RAPED! Where Ashley resides, a female judge, in San Luis Obispo Superior Court sees through her web of lies, CASE DISMISSED! Back in Mariposa County, the innocent accused man, Jerry Cox, had to pay $500,000 bail, and $100,000+ in attorney fees to bring justice to the surface against 15 felonies on phony rape and kidnapping charges and now is on the brink of loosing everything! How? Mariposa County Officials retaliated by manipulating their backwoods court to sell his home, business, and life savings for the sole purposes to remove him out of their community in reach for their personal and financial gains. Before paying a $500,000 bail, Jerry Cox was arrested and behind bars for 30 days on these false “KIDNAPPING and RAPE charges! This is when the Mariposa Sheriff’s Department came out to his home and “SHOT” in cold blood his beloved furry family… Read More


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