If you’re a victim like we are, we may be able to help you by sharing over a decade of experience being involved in a very corruption and dishonest court system. Lawyers (judges too) have created their own class of being “above the law”. They’re entire existence compares more to an abuser than a hard working good human. They exist off the creation of legal fees instead of providing a service that really helps the world they suck it dry via greed. The American Bar is a corporation run by lawyers, designed by lawyers and for profit by lawyers. It’s nothing more than a scam and lie hidden behind the concept of “Justice and law”. Our courts have been weaponized against the public, law has been made over complicated on purpose, the system is design so lawyers whether they win or lose profit, in fact they can name their price and force you to pay it. Anyone who claims they’re not the same as the really evil lawyers is still part of the same corrupt system and by not changing things they in fact support it.

Please supply as much info as possible in the form below so we can speed up the process of getting you online and hopefully to someone who can help or guide you. Remember this is a game to lawyers, the scam is to keep you quiet via fear, drain your funds to eliminate you and destroy your character so you won’t be believed. Don’t make the mistakes victims before you made, speak up expose the truth because they is nothing they can do against the truth.

This video gives you an idea what America is up against

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