Do well executed Protest Signs work?

Do good protest signs work learn how and what works best

Your Dam right good protest signage works and keeps working The keys to successful protest signs: Clear, easy to read message Less words is better Images have more impact Full color, show the victim(s) Short simple URL, so interested parties can remember or access later Example “” easy to spell, includes what it’s about Get them in front of media in numbers, they will for many months, even years later Examples that appeared in major media publications that were shared on Television and the internet worldwide. Don’t make the mistake to going cheap, these signs were printed in less than 3 days, ready for self-assembly with a common paint stir stick, foam board, wood glue and staples, About $5-$7 a piece. But then is it worth saving $5 if your sign does NOT work? Where do they find you (simple short domain)? Impact of a color image of the victim(s). Can’t do your own art or graphics. CourtVictim via joining for free at will do your art for you and walk you through the process.You can even get a free hosted webpage with a simple URL “” at the… Read More



Once your 16×20 Posters arrive you will need to assemble them. MORE INFO ON ORDERING SIGNS 1. 5 gallon paint sticks 21″ (1 Stick per sign) They usually come in 3 packs for about .98 (If you’re buying something else at the store or be nice to the store clerk they may donate them for free) Try asking we’ve gotten a good number of free sticks Found at Lowe’s, Home Depot and other hardware, paint stores 2. Foam Board 20″x30″ (a Board for 2 signs) Foam core boards 20″X30″ can be cut in half and used for 2 signs leaving an inch or so without backing but still support the sign, Readi-Board is located at 5955 Crossroads Commerce Wyoming, MI 49519 (616) 261-4400 their boards are carried by most major stores such as Walmart, Michels, .99 Stores, Dollar Tree, Office Depot Need more retailers who carry foam board Google “Readi-board” click on Shopping option under the search box 3.  Some good quality wood glue, can be found at most hardware stores 4. Some good quality spray on adhesive,Gorilla or 3M work well usually about $10 a can and found at… Read More