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MAKE SURE YOUR COURT ABUSE CASE COUNTS It’s about time that someone created a NON-Government National database which ensures the deep corruption does not change the actual stats. All divisions of courts divorce, family, probate, appellate, criminal and civil court victims are needed. The reason government won’t track judicial abuse is similar to the Police abuse and murders problem. They don’t want proof and evidence the problem is epidemic. The world knows how many Holocaust victims there are, how many DUI deaths but why are they hiding COURT CREATED victims? It’s estimate several MILLION innocent parties are abuse, violated and cheated in our courts but the public is not aware of how many victims there really are. CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO GET LISTED Read More

Eva DePasquale Court Victim

Judge Robert DiBella deprives Competent Elderly Woman of Legal Rights ABUSER: Judge Robert M DiBellaPosted by Kenneth Ellman on 3 December 2013, 8:38 am November 26, 2013 Commentary of Kenneth Ellman to the attached Video/Statement Under Oath of Mrs. Eva DePasquale. The below commentary is strictly my personal opinion. The Video, Transcript and Medical Evaluations speak for themselves. Title: In the Matter of Eva DePasquale, an elderly woman deprived of her civil rights upon bogus allegations of incapacity. A warning to all New Yorkers. Supreme Court, County of Westchester. Also known as “Judge Robert DiBella deprives Competent Elderly Woman of Her Legal Rights”. Copyright Kenneth Ellman 2013, All Rights Reserved. Unfortunately for the people of the State of New York and Mrs. Eva DePasquale and her family, Robert DiBella continues to sit as a Judge. My contact with Robert DiBella arose when I was investigating allegations of Medical Illness and Incapacity Due to Age in this very interesting case. The case was compelling because anyone who spent time with the allegedly incapacitated Mrs. Eva DePasquale had to come to one compelling conclusion; that she has as much awareness, understanding and competence… Read More