Remove the Corrupt Judge from our Case

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Remove the Corrupt Judge from our Case

This is the greatest miscarriage of judgment we’ve ever seen. Corrupt judges and attorneys took my plenary guardianship when there was no “eminent danger”. 

The judge always sided and didn’t care less if he died or lived as long as the money from his
 insurance was coming in and illegally in probate court. My son an “A” student in college took this job with the City of Hollywood, Florida  The guardian didn’t even know a hand rate  and
was destroying me and campaigning with extreme allegation I would not even think of. Now my son is on psychotropic drugs that he doesn’t need and she is placing him 700 miles from his home and I cannot see him. We had a very good relationship. Which now is completely destroyed by the rehab who don’t even have the psychology training to control his emotions. Please help me I lost my husband to cancer a long time ago. 


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