Remove a Corrupt Judge from the Honorable Bench

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Remove a Corrupt Judge from the Honorable Bench

The same Judge found guilt of violating the Anna Mae He’s parental rights; is still at. There is a case that has been going in his court right now that he Refuses to recuse himself from as requested by defendant, for almost 4 years now with the same violations as the Anna Mae He’s under the same Judge Robert L. Childers of Division 9 Circuit Court of TN.

Judge Robert L Childers was found guilty of over 27 Cannons and rules in the Anna Mae He’s case alone. He has NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS against him from many other people, all for the same complaints that we have and the Anna Mae He’s had.

Please help us remove a corrupt judge from this honorable position. NO one is above the law! And neither is Judge Robert L. Childers! How many people must he violate before he is removed?

Judge Robert L. Childers has MANY VIOLATIONS and COMPLAINTS filed against him form many people. Some of them are for being: * Biased

* Prejudiced
* None Impartial
* Openly showing Animosity and Hate
* Unethical
* Malice
* Violating and Raping of Human and Civil Rights
* Unjust
* Thinks he’s above the law
* Many Violations of Tennessee Code of Judicial Conduct and Civil Rights Guaranteed by the U.S Constitution.
* Attorney Corroboration
* Judicial Misconduct
* Guilty of Violating the Constitutional right to due process and to have an Expedient trial. (He’s dragging yet another simple child custody case along unjustly for almost 4 years now).
* Ruling only on wholesale character Assassination; Deliberate Omission of Crucial Evidence;Distortion of Facts; Unfounded Assumptions.
* Failing to maintain even the pretense of Justice.
* Omitting crucial evidence to suit his prejudgement.
* Guilty of Prejudging
* Guilty of Corroborating with Attorneys outside the court room and outside defendants presences and knowledge. ( Conspiracy amongst Attorneys and Judge)
* Not giving constitutional right to a FAIR Trial.
* Lying in his conclusion, facts and findings.



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