Los Angeles Superior Court has Epidemic of Judge approved Fraud, Perjury and Abuse

Last updated on January 7th, 2022 at 09:24 pm

Los Angeles Superior Court Corruption judges who accept bribes court victim

What does Los Angeles Superior Court not want the public to know? The fact is judges are bribed all the time. It’s no longer about hiring a “good, knowledgeable lawyer” instead it’s about money and hiring a lawyer who has connections to grease the palms of today’s “Scheister Judges” judges who are nothing less than criminals, frauds and liars who got on the bench for one sole reason to fleece the public and take advantage of authority and the role of a public servant.
Judges like newly appointed Brenda J. Penny who was obviously appointed judge due to her history of conspiracy and fraud which she ignored and allowed to continue during the decade she was knee deep in probate court corruption. Judge Penny was responsible for the embezzlement of billions of dollars from hard working American’s whose sole issue was they worked hard and saved money. Brenda Penny is an example how government corruption is rewarded and covered up by the mayor and governor of California who prefer dishonesty. It’s always been hidden by the criminals who hide behind fake images of good who are in fact the real villains and criminals

Corruption within the Los Angeles Superior Court system has been hidden and lied about for decades since it was exposed in 2005 by Los Angeles Times Article series. As a result Judge Aviva Koniegsberg Bobb was forced to retire early as probate judge who was rewarded for her crimes and became presiding judge. This is how Los Angeles County rolls and rewards the worst abusers and criminals because they wear a black robe of shame. Thousands of Los Angeles victims had their families victimized as a result of dishonorable hearings and fraudulent petitions that were approved. Elder abuse, over medication murder and liquidation of people’s estates by greedy lawyers were common. All the judges and lawyers should have been sent to prison for their holocaust style acts instead they continue and are promoted.

Britney Spears is yet another victim of the endless number of victims who’ve lost their freedom and entire estates to unethical, immoral and dishonest lawyers who grease the palms of dishonorable judges. Judge Reva G. Goetz took over and continued with the unethical acts and conspiracy where she helped destroy lives while she hid like a coward behind her black rag of shame and fraudulent oath to the bench. Where is the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, American Bar, California Bar, Commission on Judicial Performance? They’re all involved because they fail to act or acknowledge any crimes or abuse. This is how the legal business rolls in America. Lawyers are the new gangsters and mafia. They’ve weaponized law and the courts to “legally” steal, lie and cheat because if it’s done in a court it’s allowable and the judge whose the head of the snake approves it.

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