Roger Hillygus Court Victim

Expose Washoe Count Nevada corruption free roger hillygus who tried to help his mother susan hillygus

How our courts are weaponized by judges and lawyers to steal, lie, cheat and rob anyone with money. POA, Trust, Will none of that matters to a corrupt judge

In fact millions of court victims are robbed by a fake protective system called “Conservatorship/Guardianship” the words mean nothing because the reality is it’s all about robbing the person who is guarded or conserved, striping them of all their humanly rights (fewer rights than a criminal on death row) Lawyers and the biggest law firms getting rich by using the court for protection against prosecution. Perjury, fraud, over billing and even selling the victim’s homes for pennies then reselling the homes for top dollars. Activist, author and court victim Janet C. Phelan exposed how many of these judges are laundering the bribe monies which is made via property loans to the judge or judge’s family member (which they never pay back) in fact most loans are so big it’s impossible for them to re-pay if you consider their salary. What does the FBI, DOJ or local sheriff or police do when victims report the abuse? Nothing, they say, “It’s a court matter” see the judge. Think about that, if the judge IS THE BIGGEST CRIMINAL in the room, what good does it do. These judges don’t care about law, rules, Canon codes, the conservator’s handbook, ethics or about your loved one’s life. Over medication to the point of death often happen, which shortly after cremation is quickly done (and you can’t stop the court) to hide any toxicology testing or evidence of murder. There are thousands of these dirty judges, too many to even list.

Want more proof of how bad the Judicial corruption has become in America? Ask Britney Spears where judges help steal over 1 billion dollars, See Reuter’s investigative story “The Teflon Robe” which proves beyond a doubt Judges take advantage of their undeserved authority and use it to steal, lie and murder for profit.

NOW ASK YOURSELF, why is this man in jail and has been for months

8/16/19 NEVADA
-It is with great sorrow I report that Roger Hillygus was arrested in Los Angeles early this morning after he was reported to have kidnapped his mother and ultimately surrendered to police after a several hour standoff.

All Roger is guilty of is an unwavering commitment to execute the documented wishes of his deceased father Gene and dementia impaired mother Susan. This family has been through seven years of absolute inhumanity at the hands of Washoe County Judge Frances Doherty and her allies. The experience has cost them untold emotional and psychological trauma and over $1 million.

Many of us worked diligently assisting Roger and getting this case elevated to local law enforcement and mass media and no one would touch it in Washoe County. Amazingly, once he defies the orders of a dysfunctional court, Reno and LA police department, AP, LA Times, every network in LA, and every network in Reno are all reporting the narrative the predatory attorneys have been parroting for 7 years.

Roger rescued his mother because the system was committed to exploiting Susan and destroying anyone who stood between them and her estate.

Stop the Probate Holocaust Expose Washoe Count Nevada corruption free roger hillygus who tried to help his mother susan hillygus

8/17/19 NEVADA-Investigative reporter Terri Russell has parroted the narrative of the court and the prevailing predatory attorneys on the Hillygus case for years. Nobody else would touch the story, and Terri consistently defended the system. Thankfully, investigative reporters are choosing to investigate these stories, review evidence and FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Thousands of families are forever destroyed each year with a couple negligent (or complicit) decisions by the judge early on in these cases. They never look back, and appeals seldom do either. They only review what is before them today, and the attorneys will never admit errors are often made.

The system often dismisses perfectly executed estate documents, removes legitimate protectors, approves isolating the vulnerable, and liquidate estates, and they can’t figure out why someone may be driven to fight for years and risk their own safety to protect their spouse, a parent, a sibling, a child, or someone they care deeply for.

Terri is the messenger of the messaging. The real message in this case was there was no reason to begin the 2:1 guardianship action against Gene and Susan Hillygus back in 2014 when Judge Connie Steinheimer first ruled in Roger’s favor.

8/20/19 NEVADA-The Las Vegas Review Journal offers critical background information on the Hillygus rescue. At least they admitted the Family Court Judge Frances Doherty ran until late 2018 had obvious issues.

As a correction, Roger was never the guardian and consistently fought, along with his mother, to keep the court from creating the guardianship. Roger was removed as the trustee of the family trust in December 2015 because he was using his authority to challenge the attorney’s bills…as any good, loving accountable trustee should do.

The guardianship case for Susan Hillygus alone is thousands and thousands of pages.

We know Reno Police examined this file after they say Roger Hillygus kidnapped his mother from the Stone Valley Alzheimer’s Specialty Care Facility on August 8th.

Inside the guardianship file, there are motions to have Roger’s sister become the guardian of their mom.

Roger’s appeals appear almost directly thereafter.

For years, he claimed the judge involved in his case was only there to line the pockets of attorneys.

He goes through several attorneys; some of whom go to court asking to be paid.

In 2016 Susan Hillygus became a patient at Stone Valley Alzheimer’s Specialty Facility, and there was a petition filed in court to sell the Hillygus home.

That was granted by the court.

But according to court documents, Roger refused to leave the house.

So threatening to the legal guardian at the time she came to the house to document Susan’s belongings, she filed a temporary protection order against Roger in July 2016.

Hillygus appeals went to the Nevada Supreme Court.


The have been many movies made about the abuse
The Guardians
I Care a Lot
Dirty Money
Elder Victims: Abused, Exploited, Alone
Last Will and Embezzlement

Thousands of investigative stories, but nothing changes as the corruption runs deep

Media stories on Conservatorship/Guardianship abuse

News Stories that exposed Conservatorship/Guardianship

Does NOT matter who you are, rich, Britney Spears lost almost 8 years of her life and a billion dollars. Police officer? No problem, See what happened to Police officer Robert A. Gettinger who lost his life savings trying to inform the court that his sibling and her husband perjured their petition to force a perfectly healthy woman into a conservatorship. In fact, Robert exposed Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt now living in a million dollar plus home in the richest part of San Diego had embezzled over $200,000.00 in bank accounts months before the conservatorship, never reporting the stolen accounts to the probate court. Did the judge care when Robert provided a cashed check, bank account numbers and documentation? No, the judge had him jailed for 3 days trying to shut him up.
See his story HERE

Some of the biggest Probate law firms in America are the biggest criminals, making billions off stealing entire fortunes and estates via an abused court system. The fact is MORE LAWS are useless, why? Because if the judge can ignore law, legislation, rights or code then nothing protects the public. Think a will, Power of attorney or trust protects you? Ask Poppy Helgren Veteran’s Nurse what a dishonorable judge Roger L. Lund

did to her father, a US Veteran Lester Moore who was about to retire in his hometown home in the Midwest. They caused his death due to neglect and even stole more of the estate’s funds when Poppy went public exposing a serial abuser, Conservator Angela Friend.

Report them to the courts, the Commission on Judicial Performance? See what happened to 2005 Victims Donna and Ricky A. Ritch who lawfully, and rightfully filed RICO and formal complaints against the worst Los Angeles Superior Court Probate department abusers like Judge Aviva K. Bobb, Lead probate attorney Brenda J. Penny (who was rewarded by the probate department for assigning probate cases) and made a judge and Lisa MaCarley (who now clams to be an activist and uses the Free Britney platform to find victims)

California recently, via more dirty lawyers twisting and manipulating the law created one (form LIC 602) where all it takes is one dirty doctor (which there are many) to sign your name off, and they rob you of everything. SEE:

Locking Folks Up Without Due Process? California Sure Does

Find out How to check your judge’s financial records for suspect property loans. VISIT JANET C. PHELAN’S PAGE

What does the Supreme Court of California do when Dr. Of Law Richard I. Fine files petition “Amend SBX 2 11” to reverse SBX 211 created in 3 days behind the back of the public via Corrupt Chief Justice Ronald M. George. They ignore him. That’s how deep the corruption is in Reno, Nevada and California. Where SBX 211 was create to protect the fact 90% of CA Superior court judges were accepting bribes. You got it. The judges write their own laws protecting themselves, giving themselves impunity to steal, lie, cheat and murder without any accountability or prosecution. READ ABOUT DR. RICHARD I. FINE a patriot, honorable man who stood up when no one else would



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